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Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Handmade Makers, Holiday Gift Guide | 0 comments

{Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide!

{Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide!



Welcome one and all! We are honored to present to you the {Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide for the year 2016! Supporting handmade means that you are supporting family. These business women & men are extremely hard-working entrepreneurs who likely have started from the bottom and designed, printed, sewn, knitted, painted, sanded, cut, stitched, glued, mixed, and sautered their way to the top of their craft.  This year, we have many special offerings for you, including some gems you might recognize from previous Gift Guides. From jewelry and accessories, toys and baby clothes,  body care to festive decor, there’s a wide range of products so feast your eyes! {Click on shop name for website}


  1. Just A Felt Dream – Amanda Hutto is the lovely owner of this shop, and she offers a wide array of colorful felt mobiles. These beauties will make a lovely addition to your nursery, especially since each one is custom colored to match the room! They come in a variety of shapes and designs, from the violet floral pattern of the Wisteria Baby Mobile (see above photo) to a flock of magical unicorns that will enchant your little darlings and give them the sweetest of dreams.
    Just A Felt Dream on Facebook – Instagram
  2. Vivie & Ash – Sara Hood, the dynamic designer behind this shop, was inspired by her children to create modern and comfortable children’s clothes. Each piece is organic and locally handmade, with fun and colorful prints designed by Sara. The Peplum Top, for example, (see above photo) is both comfy and cute, and perfect for stylish little girls of all ages. We’re very excited for them, as they can currently be found in five retailers, and continue to expand their creative cuteness above and beyond!
    Vivie and Ash on Facebook – Instagram
  3. B. Stamped – Sweet simplicity is everything with this beautiful jewelry shop, owned by Brittany Kollmer. What started as a hobby blossomed into something wonderful! Brittany creates personalized pieces that adorn the body and soothe the soul, such as the Customizable Bar Necklace (see above photo). Each piece is hand stamped by Brittany and created with care and love. This shop generates wonderful gifts for any occasion!
    B. Stamped on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter
  4. Swanky Shank – Jen, the creator of this snazzy shop, has been creating and decorating her whole life! She has a love for bows and frills and all things fancy. She too was inspired by her two lovely children and has been designing and making clothes since they came into the world. Each piece in her shop is cute and clever, such as the “No Prob Llama” Raglan (see above photo). Her handmade apparel is the perfect combo of precious and fashionable. She doesn’t call it “swanky” for nothing! Your child will look fresh and fun with these crafty ensembles!
    Swanky Shank on Facebook – Instagram
  5. sweet whimsy designs – This splendid shop is the creation of our very own Leandra Sweet! This marvelous mama-of-three has been an artist throughout her life, and has created the coolest and most intricate peg dolls around! These pleasant non-toxic wooden toys, cake toppers, and playroom decor aren’t only the perfect companions for your kiddos, but they’re also educational and fun, such as the Perpetual Calendar and Weather Peg Dolls (see above photo).  There’s no limit to the imagination and these hand-painted family heirlooms will let their (and your) mind wander endlessly. You and your littles will love playing with these child-friendly, eco-friendly playable art pieces!
    sweet whimsy designs on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter
  6. Livie Loo’s – Jennifer Bothel is the owner of this adorable shop, which specializes in children’s hair bows and accessories. Every accessory they offer, like the Hailey Bows (see above photo), are good for both special occasions and every day. These bows make great gifts for your favorite little girls and are perfect for any season. Your precious princesses will look like little queens with these beautiful bows!
    Livie Loo’s on Facebook – Instagram
  7. Finley & Bub – This shop was created by the delightfully quirky Natalie Romanello, who makes it a point to make the world a more colorful place! Her shop, Finley & Bub, has a collection of fun and whimsical children’s apparel. Each piece is unique and imaginative, much like the children who wear them! The Pom Pom beanie (see above photo) is perfect for any little girl who wants an extra spark of special in her outfit.
    Finley & Bub on Facebook – Instagram
  8. Ryan & Rose – Another strong woman with a touching background, Lindsey Ferrell also utilized faith to strengthen and inspire. After multiple health complications, Lindsey persevered, and created shop. This shop specializes in pacifier clips, something she couldn’t find in decent quality when she had her baby, Ryan Rose. They’re great quality and absolutely precious to behold. Each has a unique and fun design, like the Willow Cutie Clip (see above photo). If you’ve been searching for the perfect pacifier, you’ll find it here!
    Ryan & Rose on Facebook  – Instagram – Twitter
  9. Little Faces Apparel – The founder of this shop, Jennifer Durham, started making children’s clothing after the birth of her daughter. She aspired to create stylish and comfortable children’s clothes, and that’s exactly what she’s been doing! From accessories like the Celtic Knot Headband (see above photo) to baby blankets, her creations are versatile and comfy for kiddies and babies alike. These designs are fresh and fun and your little faces will light up when they see their new outfits!
    Little Faces Apparel on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

img_503510. MyKookieJar – This shop is the creation of Karla Garcia, a stay-at-home mom-of-three who loves pretty things. Her shop offers a plethora of precious items, such as the Fabric-covered Button Earrings (see above photo), perfect for both adults and young ladies. The designs are colorful and endearing, each with a different design and style, while still maintaining the simplistically beautiful look that Karla adores. Your beloved ladies and girls will love all the cute accessories this shop has in store!
MyKookieJar on Facebook – Instagram

11. Opposite of Far – Although Jessica Near doesn’t have any kids of her own yet, she absolutely adores making cute clothes for children all year round! Specializing in children’s costumes, this shop has many festive pieces to offer, such as the Rudolf Mask, just in time for the holidays (see above photo). Between the adorably clever shop name and her innate passion for creating, Jessica’s made a haven of imagination bursting with fun!
Opposite of Far on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

12. Raconteur Kid – Searching for some epic apparel for your little adventurers? Look no further! Raconteur Kid’s got you and your little one covered. Their dynamic “Take a Hike” Tee, along with dozens of other cool designs, is perfect for every little explorer’s expedition. Jillian and Luke Watkins are co-owners of this shop, and their daughter has been a huge inspiration for them, fueling their creative spirits and bringing great success to Raconteur Kid. You’ll fall in love with every story these clothes tell.
Raconteur Kid on Facebook – Instagram

13. Bannor Toys – Year after year, this shop has impressed us beyond belief, and they’re at it again! Stacey Bannor and her family are behind the brilliance of this shop, and pride themselves in creating original and organic wooden toys for children of all ages. Their toys are handmade and designed with the best intentions for all littles and their imaginations. They have all kinds of fun designs, such as the Pretend Wooden Cash Register (see above photo), each made with care and love. You will love these high quality toys as much as your children do!
Bannor Toys on Facebook – Instagram

14. While They Slept – This nifty shop was brought into the world by Carrie, a mama-of-two who loves making things that allow children to create their own stories. The name of her shop stems from the fact that “nap time is craft time” for her! So while her littles are resting, she’s hard at work, fashioning beautiful felt toys for other children of all ages. Perfect for Christmastime, her Nativity Felt Story Set is one of a kind and will teach your children the meaning of Christmas while keeping them entertained all day!
While They Slept on Facebook – Instagram

15. Dudley Denim – What’s cuter than a tiny pair of blue jeans? This shop, created by Courtney Reed, a stay at home mama who loves to upcycle, offers a wide range of stylish and trendy jeans for even the tiniest of tots. Having received her bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, Courtney utilized her talents and passion to create the cutest pairs of pants, such as the “Rad Plaid” Skinny Jeans (see above photo). Just in time for the fall and holiday season, these jeans are high quality and perfect for any stylish little boy or girl!
Dudley Denim on Facebook – Instagram

16. Happy Creature – Veachel Hosch, the happy creator behind this shop, has been crocheting for 20 years and counting. She prides herself on creating handmade crocheted hats, such as the adorable Plaid Bear Ear Beanie (see above photo). These cozy handmade hats are perfect for this winter season and will keep your baby boys and girls toasty warm! What better present for a child than a cozy cap handmade with happiness and love?
Happy Creature on Facebook – Instagram

17. Reagan Twenty Five – Heather Bienz is the marvelous mama behind this shop, where she sells faith based clothing. The shop is named after her second daughter, Reagan, who passed away during their 25th week of pregnancy to Turner Syndrome. After such a deep tragedy, Heather was inspired to create this shop, placing an emphasis on strength through faith and love. 25% of this shop’s funds go to help support families who lost their babies. With delightful pieces such as “J is for Jesus” Raglan Tee (see above photo) , and a beautiful message to match, this shop is sure to hug your heart.
Reagan Twenty Five on Facebook – Instagram

18. Subsidy Shades – Summer may be over, but that snow is blinding, baby! Grab yourself a pretty pair of sunglasses at this shop, owned by Melissa Mugar. This place has shades for both kids and adults, and styles range from Harper Tortoise Shades (see above photo)! You’ll be ready for both snow days and beach days with these fun sunglasses! They make the perfect gift for any cool kid during any season.
Subsidy Shades on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter


19. Pip and Bean – This super duper shop was created by Alyssa Wolfe, and spurred from the need to give her daughters’ friend for their birthday. Like a true Super Mom, Alyssa made a cape for the little one, and it was a huge hit! She and her husband have been the dynamic duo behind this crafty shop, and have been making superheros out of little ones ever since. Her Superhero Capescan be personalized and come with matching masks and lightning bolt power bands (see above photo). Your super kid will be zooming all around the house with joy!
Pip and Bean on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

20. Legacy Learning Academy – This shop, created by Ashley Hendryx, is all about developing little minds and helping kids reach their full potential. Ashley prides herself and her shop in creating colorful and educative toys that help children expand their creativity and learn exponentially. From language games to toys that help with motor skills, such as the Bean Pot and Ball Sorting Set (see above photo), your baby will become your legacy and grow to nurture themselves and the world!
Legacy Learning Academy on Facebook – Instagram

21. Hip Kid Apparel – This cool and fresh shop, created by Ilana Robinson, has tees for both boys and girls. This mama believes kids can be fashionable while having fun! From stylish and trendy to nonchalant, this shop has a lot of different styles to offer, all of the highest quality and some of the coolest designs. Combining modern colors and trendy catch phrases, including the Family Garage Band Collection(see above photo), these clothes are the coolest of cool. Your kid will be hip and hoppin’ all over the place with these sweet unisex tees!
Hip Kid Apparel on Facebook – Instagram

22. Handmade Happiness by Ruth – The shop’s name says it all, folks! Ruth Rau, the creator of this beautiful shop, truly does make handmade happiness. She prides herself in creating toys that are safe for children and made from eco-friendly materials. Not only are these toys safe, but they’re also colorful and fun for children of all ages. Just one look at the Rainbow Stacking Bowls (see above photo) is enough to get kids ready for play!
Handmade Happiness by Ruth on Facebook – Instagram

23. Plum Polka Dot – Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Christina Crowe created this shop out of love for her and all things girly and sparkly. Even before the shop came to be, Christina was a lover of creating and crafting, and desired to make things that were local and high quality. Clearly, she has succeeded doing just that! These charming accessories are perfect for little girls who want to be fancy or casual, ranging from Sparkly and Bright Glitter Clips (see above photo) to natural and laid back. With so many styles, you’ll have fun choosing the perfect bow for your little girl!
Plum Polka Dot on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

24. Jagger Lees Teepees – Speaking of unique, you’ll go ga-ga over these very special teepees, hand painted by Alisa Johnson. For a bit of fun, rustic flare in your child’s room, look here! These colorful canopies are an eye-catching decoration for any room. Not only that, but they can also be functional. From clocks to Teepee Banks (see above photo), this shop’s got your room requirements covered.
Jagger Lees Teepees on Facebook – Instagram

25. Ahoy Amigo – Get ready to set sail on the salty seas with this shop, created by Stacie Downs! This children’s apparel shop will have you ready for adventuring with pirates and mermaids, and each piece is inspirational and dynamic. They don’t only have clothes fit for summertime; they also have more cozy pieces for the chilly season, such as the “Wander the Sea” Sweatshirt. This shop’s style is the perfect combination of avid adventurer and nautical nonchalance!
Ahoy Amigo on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

26. Manzanita Kids – Looking for high quality toys that are durable and inspiring? Check out this splendid shop, owned by husband and wife, David and Adrienne! These two love to create and inspire children, and pride themselves in creating well-crafted wooden toys that spark the imagination and light up the soul. They can be found in many retailers around the country, and we are so excited for their continual spread! From extra interactive toys such as the Modular Dollhouse (see above photo), to smaller toys for smaller babes, they have everything your children will need.
Manzanita Kids on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

27. Bug & Wink – Looking for some unique and trendy clothes for your littles? Feast your eyes! This shop, created by Brittani Kerr, has a whole slew of fashion-forward pieces for all kinds of child styles. Take the Mono Plaid Cape for example (see above photo); it’s both comfy and super adorable. Each piece has a dynamic design that your kids will love to wear, and you won’t be able to stop taking photos of them.
Bug & Wink on Instagram


28. Batzkids – Chelsie Sanders is the stay-at-home mama-of-three who created this shop. She, like our other dear shop owners, has been creating for her whole life! When she decided to sell her blankets and create her shop, she never knew that it would become such a hit. Each blanket has a unique and adorable design, like the Monthly Milestone Blanket (see above photo), which keeps track of your baby’s growth while swaddling them in softness. You’ll be bubbling with joy at all the precious blankets this shop has to offer!
Batzkids on Facebook – Instagram

29. Holly Blossoms – Speaking of creative cuteness, check out this precious gem of a shop! Holly Tallent, creator of Holly Blossoms, has some of the sweetest and softest headbands you’ll find for your little girls. Being a mother and lover of family and fun, Holly also enjoys cooking and photography. The selection ranges from flower clips to jersey knotted and Braided Headbands (see above photo), all comfy and colorful. Each piece is an absolutely adorable addition to your child’s style.
Holly Blossoms on Facebook – Instagram

30. All Snazzied Up – If you want to match your baby, check out this shop! Alyssa Bradshaw, the creator of this fashion forward baby clothes store, offers comfy clothes for both babies and mamas. She has 2 littles of her own, and loves cuddling in their cozy apparel. ‘Tis the season for comfy clothes and baby cuddles, and this shop will help you find the perfect outfits for your kiddies, such as a Soft Hoodie (see above photo).
All Snazzied Up on Facebook – Instagram

31. 4th Generation Designs – Cheryl Bryan is the owner of 4th Generation Designs, a pleasant shop that stretches across generations. She makes unique and beautiful creations for adults and children alike, from baby hats to Pendant Necklaces (see above photo). Each design is simple, sweet and as comforting as a warm hug to wear or read.  Modern designs with a vintage undertone, this shop combines old and new to create something absolutely beautiful!
4th Generation Designs on Facebook – Instagram

32. Mila’s Zoo – Nia, the creator and maker behind this shop, has created an entire menagerie of plush friends for your kids to play with. Made mainly from fleece, felt and organic cotton, these soft little buddies make the perfect toys for your child and the perfect presents for holidays and birthdays alike. There’s no end to what Nia can sew, and the animals range from bunnies and pandas to a Plush Pig Friend (see above photo). Your children will love cuddling with these creative creatures!
Mila’s Zoo on Instagram

33. Green & Lovely – If you’re a lover of body products with pleasant scents and all-organic ingredients, check out this shop, created by Samantha Heithaus. From their bestselling Nature’s Herbal Calendula Salve (see above photo) to diaper creams, this shop carries a wide array of very green and very lovely products. Samantha, who has a background in product Research and Development, knows how difficult it is to find products that work well on sensitive skin, and this is exactly what she offers. You will fall in love with all the soothing salves and products she has to offer!
Green & Lovely on Facebook – Instagram

34. Kindergarten Toolkit – Carrie Ball, the creator of this shop, has illuminated and expanded children’s minds with her Toolkits. This program is a fun way for parents to be more involved in their children’s learning process and prepping them for Kindergarten. It’s good for valuable one on one time with your kids, as well as expanding their beautiful brains. With the help of this Toolkit, your children will be more than ready to dive into school!
Kindergarten Toolkit on Facebook – Instagram

35. Lovelane Designs – Lane Huerta, the crafty creator behind this shop, grew up as an only child and found entertainment through imagination and creation. Harnessing and combining her talents as both a seamstress and artist, Lane has fashioned one of the brightest shops you’ll ever see. Inspired by her imaginative and adventurous childhood, she makes dress up clothes in all kinds of styles, from fantasy to Flying Superhero Set (see above photo)!
Lovelane Designs on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

36. Hun & Bun – Having always been interested in clothing design since she was young, Brooke Helfen created Hun and Bun with the intention of fabricating dramatic flare. Inspired by her past in theatrical studies and drama arts, Brooke loves to create pieces that tell a story, such as the Mod Daily Dress (see above photo). With all these unique and artistic designs to choose from, you certainly won’t be bored with the selection this shop offers.
Hun & Bun on Facebook – Instagram


Please join us in congratulating these fine makers on their beautiful works! Purchasing something from a handmade artisan will support the big hearts behind the small shops. Please share the guide as well – spread the love! We thank you for your ongoing love and support! Happy Holidays!

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