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Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Christmas, Random Acts Of Kindness, Uncategorized | 0 comments

sweet whimsy designs Presents: The Happiness Elf!

sweet whimsy designs Presents: The Happiness Elf!

He’s baaaaaaaack!: Cheery, The Happiness Elf! He is bright, cheerful and full of holiday spirit! In fact, he loves to spread holiday cheer and encourages others to do the same! Cheery is a loyal and kindhearted best friend for all children. There’s no end to what he can do to help others and give the gift that everyone deserves: happiness. (Click here to view in our shop! Limited quantity available!)



From something simple to more involved, we have plenty of free or inexpensive ways to encourage your child to spread joy with our Happiness Elf!:

Be generous! 

  • Help at your local food pantry.
  • Make “Needs Bags” for your local homeless! (plastic baggies with travel toothbrushes/paste, soap, tissues, or a snack) to give when you meet someone in need.
  • Bring unopened toys to donate to your local children’s hospital.
  • Start a donation page to gather goods/items for a charity foundation of your choice.
  • Bring flowers to your teacher, doctor, bus driver, etc to say “thank you” for being happy!

Be creative! 

  • Write a note of kindness to a friend or family member to tell them why you like them!
  • Make something creative for someone you love! (a drawing, a painting, Christmas tree ornaments/decorations, any type of arts & crafts!)
  • Read your favorite book to a friend and tell them why you love it so much!
  • Bake something yummy for your neighbor.
  • Draw a rainbow as bright & beautiful as you can, and hang it for your whole family to see!

Be kind!


  • Give hugs to someone suffering, or to just anyone at all!
  • Leave positive post-it notes in public places like your school or library.
  • Help your mom or dad make dinner; if you’re able to use the stove or oven, plan a meal for your family & cook; they will certainly appreciate that!
  • Rake a friend’s leaves or shovel a neighbor’s snow. Every bit helps!
  • Write a letter to your local grocer and let them know you appreciate them.
  • Help a friend with their homework.

Be happy! 


  • Keep a journal of what makes you happy & write something each day. Share with those you love & encourage them to do the same!
  • Sing carols from door to door and/or at a local nursing home or children’s hospital! (Organize with a larger group for more smiles!)
  • Host a Happy Party! Ask your friends to bring something to share. (Fun winter party ideas: Hot cocoa parties, popcorn & a movie, fort parties, sledding parties, and many more! Get creative, be safe & have fun!)


Allow Cheery to encourage your child to spread joy & happiness this holiday season & throughout the year! He’s pocket-sized for carrying along on your journeys. He will bring out the best in your child, as long as you remember to let them be the creative force behind the elf – they’ll feel both empowered and kind-hearted for deciding what good things Cheery will do next. Suggest a few ideas from our list to get their thoughts flowing, but they will likely think of some really brilliant ways to shine all on their own. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! Isn’t that what life is all about?!

What will The Happiness Elf bring to your family? Please share your photos and ideas with us! Find us on Instagram & tag us with #thehappinesself – we love to share! For even more ideas, follow us on Pinterest – many more fun ways to share are coming soon!!

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