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Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Children, Education, Family, Homeschool, Kindergarten, Life, Motivational Posts, Natural Parenting, Parenting, Philosophy, Preschool, Stay At Home Mom, This Is Homeschool, Toddlers | 8 comments

This Is Homeschool

This Is Homeschool


A day-to-day depiction of exactly what it is us homeschoolers do.

With the start of a new “school year” for some, I thought it would be appropriate and fun to share a little about what we will be partaking in this coming year.

This will be our sixth year homeschooling, though we will not officially have to submit paperwork to the State until next year. (For those of you in New York State, Kindergarten is optional, as is Preschool, obviously, as long as your child does not turn the age of six during that school year.) You may be saying to yourself, “That’s just a family photo. We do that, too. We go places together, too.” And you’re correct. You homeschool anytime you’re with your children. Our family simply does it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week when we’re together. Like most people, we begin homeschooling in the womb, whether y’all were aware of it or not. Babies and children are always learning. Humans are always learning. It’s in our nature.

Hence, one of the many reasons we are choosing to homeschool.

Family. Togetherness. We love being together and feel our children learn best with guidance and love. That is not to say they cannot learn from another teacher in a school setting. Of course they can! However, we think they learn best from their surroundings, that being confined to an institution with perfect strangers all day will not allow them to flourish to the utmost in their natural abilities. The way to accomplish this is to be together and go out in the world and learn together.

This is homeschool.

This happens to be one of my favorite family shots, as it shows that even in the most beautiful setting, there is reality. :)

This happens to be one of my favorite family shots, as it shows that even in the most beautiful setting, there is reality. 🙂


    • Thank you, Katie! I had no idea you also have a blog! Looking forward to catching up a little & reading all about Katie!

  1. There are days when I wish I could have time for me, get a job and earn money. But, I truly love teaching my children when my head is in the right place. I have to follow my heart, they are my heart. Spending time with them is something money, and time for myself, will never replace. They grow up fast enough, really they do, and then I will have time to do what ever frivolous thing I want to do!

    • What a beautiful way to put it: “I have to follow my heart, they are my heart.”
      Thank you for sharing your words, Michel. It is so true how quickly childhood disappears. Such a lovely gift you are giving your children!

  2. The tour of the antique music the other day led me to a great quote by Jeff that I have since shared with everyone I know…”we are learning millions of tiny things every second of every day. Why ruin it by going to school?” Ha! Love it!

  3. I love to see a picture of you every once in a while! You are a beautiful and loving family!

  4. This is my our first year homeschooling our 7 year old daughter, Jordan and the raised eyebrows are happening every time we say “homeschool”! I feel very blessed to be able to work from home as a Health Coach and be with her to help her on her own journey of life. She was bullied and traumatized in 1st grade and I have already seen a positive shift in since WE became her teachers. Thank you for starting the co-op and sharing your story with this blog! It’s very inspiring to us newbies..!

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