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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Addiction, Children, Choices, Family, Food, Healthy Lifestyle, Life, Moderation, Motherhood, Parenting, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom, Working Mom | 4 comments

The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out

I’m an addict.

We are all addicts in one form or another. Whether it’s nicotine, sex, food, or conversation. I’m sure you could find something you feel you cannot live without. That’s addiction, simply put, anyway.

At one point in my life, I was addicted to smoking cigarettes. I had one reason to quit, and that was my pregnancy. Easy, when it’s for someone else.

Full disclosure: I’m currently addicted to diet soda. “Cherry Zero”, to be exact. I can’t go a day without it or I have withdrawal symptoms – headache, fatigue, leg cramps.

It’s AWFUL. It’s consuming. It’s horrible.

And I know how bad it is for my body. Otherwise, I’m a healthy eater. Whole foods, organic foods, local foods. I try to eat well & feed my family well, but I ingest this crap and cringe with every swallow.

Well, I’m committing to quitting. I’m ready to tell you, readers, that enough is enough.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

In the past, I’ve practiced piano three to five hours a day to complete sonatas, concerti, and fugues.

I’ve learned to ski, to play tennis, to dance, to teach, to paint.

I’ve started two business from nothing.

I’ve given birth completely naturally three times!

I’ve survived a brain tumor, for the love of Jiminy Crickets!!!

How can this be more difficult than those moments?!

First of all, I didn’t give birth for me.

When we do things for ourselves, or at least try, attempt to do things for ourselves, there is an inner struggle. Perhaps fear, laziness or greed get in the way of achievement. Something may deter a goal from being easy.

When we do things for others, it’s easy. And it’s worth it.

I’ll just pretend that kicking this soda habit is for them: my smart, beautiful, healthy children. Because essentially, it is for them.

My life isn’t completely my own anymore. Most of everything I do is for them, and there is nothing wrong with that. They need me. I am their mother.

As difficult as this simple idea of quitting a habit may be, if I remember why, maybe it will be that much easier.

Then again, who said life was easy?!Sweet kids Easter 2013


  1. Good for you! You KNOW how my bad my stomach is and even with 2 different medicines from a specialist, nothing has helped…..well I gave up diet soda! (actually I only have one real soda a week now) and my problems are not cured, but they ARE better!! Just keep telling yourself you are drinking POISON!! there is NOTHING in that can that is good for you….. so find something to replace it with!! Not easy, but you can do it!!! xoxo

  2. It only takes about four or five days, but they are definitely difficult days. It seems crazy that is the case. Once you get through it you will feel a thousand times better. Just make sure you have help during that time because in my experience I did just want to sleep the whole time. Good luck!

  3. I’ve eliminated caffeine (12 years ago), smoking (15 years ago), and flour and sugar (7 years ago), and caffeine was by far the hardest to give up. It was the worst headache for weeks. I don’t ever want to have it again because I don’t ever want to have to go through the withdrawal again. You’re making a wonderfully healthy choice. Be gentle with yourself and you’ll be feeling good in no time.

  4. So, how has it been going? Tea in the morning can be a good ween off caffeine.

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