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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Stay At Home Mom | 1 comment

Fab Five Fridays:  Kid Music

Fab Five Fridays: Kid Music

Let’s kick this blog old school & bring back Fab Five Fridays.  I used to blog these a bit, remember any?  Just do a quick search in the search box at the top right of my blog with “Fab Five” to find some. 🙂

One thing my husband and I love is music.  It’s part of what brought us together.  I play piano (and guitar, and flute, and saxophone, and sing, and…), he plays guitar.  We knew when we had kids, they would be surrounded by music.  We tend to listen to all kinds of music, well, with the exception of country and country.  Not going to happen in this house.  Anyway, we listen to good music.  Therefore, our kids listen to good music.

We usually have on Pandora, stations like Muse, Regina Spektor, Coldplay, and Vampire Weekend radio (among many, many others).  The kids love it.  We usually steer clear of kids music in general, but we do like to let them hear age-appropriate music once in a while.  Hence, my top five kids’ music list, in no particular order:

1.  Jack Johnson

He was good before we had kids, then he came out with his Curious George album and we had to play his music.  The kids know pretty much every song & even recognize him on the radio if they haven’t heard one.  We like him.  Besides, I think he’s easy on the eyes. 😉

2.  Barenaked Ladies

They were good before we had kids, too.  I went to many-a-show of theirs in my teens and twenties.  I even met them once.  (A personal claim to fame.)  Good times.  Fun.  Kids should listen to fun music.  Their album, Snack Time, is just this.  Their songs are easy to learn and hard to forget.

3.  Dan Zanes

Zanes is a good surname for this guy because he is totally zany!  We often watch one of his videos via Netflix but admit we do not yet own his cd.  He’s a lot of fun, too.  The kids love him.  Guess we should purchase his music some day.

4.  They Might Be Giants

Yet another 90’s band-turned-kids band.  I’m starting to see a trend.  Regardless, these guys know how to entertain the wee ones.  We rock out to Here Come The ABC’s quite frequently.  They have other albums, too.

5.  Putumayo Kids

Awesome, worldly music you want your kids to grow up listening to.  That is the best way to explain Putumayo music.


As I mentioned before, I do see a trend here.  Of course we prefer kids’ music of bands we listened to as, ehm, kids.  That is genius on their part.  Well done, bands.  We have found some others along the way.  You may see a future blog “Fab Five” post with more, who knows.

One thing we wish is that bands come to our area more often.  We don’t live in the major-est of cities but it sure would be cool to take the kids to some good, live music more frequently.  We take them to shows any chance we get.  Take your kids to live music events.  Play music for your kids.  Play music with your kids.  It promotes so much growth and keeps them in check.  What music do y’all like??



1 Comment

  1. Our kids live on a steady diet of Jack Johnson, Seal, Sting, DMB, Coldplay and showtunes (particularly Les Mis – with our 8 yr old son liking to play it at bedtime so he can get all emotional – particularly Bring Him Home and On My Own – – our daughter was much more of a Barbra Striesand girl at that age…)

    Oh – and we LOVE Moulin Rouge…

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