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Posted by on Mar 11, 2012 in Childbirth, Family, Motherhood, Natural Childbirth, Philosophy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Symptoms, Stay At Home Mom, The Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth | 2 comments

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Pregnancy:  38 Weeks And Counting!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Pregnancy: 38 Weeks And Counting!

So I missed a few posts.  Too many, if you ask me.  I planned on keeping a regular journal of this pregnancy, but, well, here we are in week 39 & I can’t seem to get my act together.  Life is a little busy these days, to say the least!

A three-and-a-half year-old and an almost-two year-old require full-time care.  That’s me!  Fortunately I have an amazing husband who surpasses any role of father I ever anticipated.  He picks up the pieces I drop.  We’ve been doing pretty well at this.

I had an ultrasound at 35-ish weeks and the baby was measuring around 7 pounds.  Not that this number is accurate, but it was good news since my midwife & team were expecting a big baby.  This keeps them off my back through delivery time :).  Now we can focus on prayers for a smooth delivery & a happy, healthy little girl.  My mind is preparing & my body, definitely preparing.

A sneak peek!

It feels like this baby is going to burst out of here at any given moment!  The pressure is unreal.  I recall slight pressure with my first pregnancy, quite a bit more with my second, and the third is incredible!  I can’t believe she’s in there, nice & tidy, waiting patiently to come out.  It will never cease to amaze me, the wonder of pregnancy & birth.  My husband & I constantly say to each other, “Can you believe I’m growing a baby in there?!”  What a wonderful gift.

There have been some signs of labor.  Early labor.  Our Bradley instructor would say, “Click!  Another piece of the puzzle!”  We always utter those words when something happens.  I won’t get into details, as these puzzle pieces may be a little TMI, but you get the picture!  This time, as with my other pregnancies, I can’t tell if labor is right around the corner or weeks off.  I’m always a little hopeful that our baby will come “early” but the likelihood of going “post-dates” is pretty good.  We may even make it to April.  Yikes!

Today happens to be a positive mind day despite a nasty cold I caught.  If I don’t stay positive, I know what happens to my mental state.  Positive thoughts = positive results!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

37 Weeks, Photo by TKS

The kids are getting sooooo excited for their little sister’s arrival.  Tavia, our 3 1/2 year-old, seems to comprehend it all.  She seems to grasp that there really is a baby growing inside Mommy’s belly & she will be coming out someday soon.  She has decided on a name:  Dumpling Flower.  We think it has a nice ring to it, don’t you?!  She gladly packed a bag for her overnight with my parents (which she is also very excited about) & made sure to include every little piece of clothing, undergarment, etc. she could get her hands on.  Little Miss Independence!  So fun to watch!  Our almost two year-old, Marsden, may be a little more perplexed by the situation.  I’m pretty sure he thinks the Babyinthebelly is the belly itself!  He’s very loving, kissing & hugging my belly constantly, sharing food, toys and the like.  Although I’m not sure if he realizes there is a live human being inside.  Only time will tell!  Either way, we think they are both going to be fantastic siblings, eventually.

Onward & upward.  Bring on this baby!  We are so excited to meet her, to hold her, to smell her & hear her.  To name her.  This adventure has been so fantastic & we are so grateful.  Blessings-


  1. Love reading these updates! Praying and thinking of you for a safe and smooth delivery. Another wonderful Sweet to enter the world. XOXOX! – Sawah

  2. I enjoyed reading your update. I like your belly shot! I am praying that things go smoothly for you and the kids.

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