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  1. First and foremost I am a mother…. that is my #1 priority each and every day and I live and breathe for my kids. Second, I am a Chacchia… I am proud of that and the family bond that goes along with that name. And, I am going to become a successful business woman (not that I am not a good provider now, I just have bigger plans for the future!)

    I am a mom, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, sister-in-law, and good friend…. that’s a pretty awesome feeling!

    Love you and can’t wait to meet and hold the new Sweet this summer!

  2. Makes me think of the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. And along with that, I think of how Alice has to keep proving her identity to everyone she meets, when finally, she accepts that she was proving it to herself all along.
    I can identify with that, as I think we all struggle throughout our ever changing lives to be who we really are. I used to laugh at Harley’s saying, “become what thou art,” when I was young. But the older I get, the more I realize how profound it really is. To become what you really are is the quest of life. Those that reach it have success…not just in fame or fortune, but in life, love, and happiness.
    So, that, right now, is who I am. I am Deidre, a woman on her quest. Writing out her chapters day by day. Some more eventful than others, but some worth writing down and passing on.

  3. Oh my gosh mom, you took the words right out of my mouth! (About the Alice and Wonderland thing)
    It’s a good thing to think about. To just stop and ask “Who am I? What am I doing? What am I PLANNING on doing in life?” I ask myself that a lot actually. Though I still am not sure of what I am besides a sister, daughter, goddaughter, granddaughter, or writer. All of the above, I suppose. ☺ Thank you for asking a simple yet inspiring question.

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