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Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Children, Crazy Mom-isms, Family, Healthy Lifestyle, Life, Moderation, Motherhood, Natural Parenting, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom | 3 comments

Relaxing Shower

Relaxing Shower

The last time I took an uninterrupted shower was over 3 years ago.  Before baby, showering & prepping myself for the day took around an hour.  When Baby No. 1 was born, showers were a quick in-and-out as she napped or spent peeking through the curtain to see if she was still breathing.  Should I bring her in with me & take a lukewarm shower?  Maybe I can leave her in her seat downstairs while I jump in quickly?  Or perhaps she can sit in her seat right in the bathroom next to me?  Either way, being a new Mom, I was usually concerned & would never enjoy a hot shower.  Now, with two, showers come on nights & weekends when my husband is here.  Otherwise it’s during a very rare nap when both kids are asleep or being interrupted & running down the stairs sopping wet to find that my one year-old has discovered how to open the gate.  With another on the way, I realize I will never see a peaceful shower for at least 18 years.

It’s funny how we give things up as parents.  It’s also funny how I really don’t mind.  I don’t mind that I have to shower on the edge.  It makes it more productive that way.  Who says showers need to be relaxing anyway?!  Five- to ten-minute showers are much less enlightening, but they sure manage to produce a clean result.  Everything gets done in a timely fashion.  That seems to be the way all things are lately…


  1. I am laughing because I have one out of the house and a 12 and 14 year old and I am still on the 5-10 minute shower cycle! Someone is always knocking, or there is a loud “crash” I can hear through the walls, or we have 30 minutes to get one of them to a game or practice!! BUT- I still manage to put myself together and look presentable (so I don’t embarrass them in public) and smell pretty good too!

  2. Girl, you need to make time for a nice, long shower! I too usually rush and shower quickly or when the boys nap, but I think this touches on the importance of taking time for ourselves. I just think as mothers, it is vital. A nice, hot uninterrupted shower is so wonderful from time to time. Give the kids to Josh, lock the door and go for it! You may realize you needed it more than you thought!

    Although, I get that when you have to do things quickly, things sure are more productive and time efficient! I do find that when I am in fast mode, so much gets done!

  3. This reminds me of when Amelia was little. I used to take her in the shower with me, and lay her on her little seat. She would be shivering because she’d be a little wet while I was rinsing, so in between washing hair, body, conditioning, and rinsing, I would pick her up and snuggle her in the water until she was warm again. But I so remember the feeling of, “How could I leave her alone?”
    And don’t worry, the days of no long shower (or bath…never underestimate the power of a good, hot bath) aren’t forever!
    (Seriously, make time for a long, hot, bubbly bath…serious.)

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