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Posted by on Jul 15, 2011 in Stay At Home Mom | 5 comments

Homeschooling Prep

Homeschooling Prep

Hello!  I’m back after a little blogging vacation!  Great to be here writing again…

Something that’s been on our minds lately as our oldest approaches preschool-age:  homeschool.  We have made the decision to begin homeschooling our 2 year-old.  Typically, she would start a 2- or 3-day program in the fall.  She’s been given instruction the past few months at home & self-starts a little lesson each day.  We think it’s already time.

Before people jump to conclusions, which most people do, there are many reasons for this decision.  Those are our choices to make & we feel it is the best choice for our daughter at this time. (You want the reasons/benefits?  I’m sure I will blog this in the near future!)

Will we do it for her entire education?  Probably not.  We’re starting with preschool and seeing where it takes us.

It’s amazing what pre-conceived notions people have of home education.  I did.  My husband did.  Everyone around us did (& some still do!).  Then we started researching & have been “interviewing” other parents and families who home educate.  Boy were we wrong!  What an unbelievable world we have found!  I very much look forward to learning as we go & becoming more active in the homeschooling community all around us!

A few weeks ago (while school was still in session), I packed a lunch & met my husband for an impromptu picnic at a local park.  While we were there, a family showed up with their fishing poles in hand, ready to take on the creek.  The parents were there with their 3 children as well as their grandparents. The grandfather was the one teaching them the ropes on how to catch a fish.  They were homeschooled & this was part of their curriculum.  Certainly not something you will learn in a school setting, yet most certainly a life skill.  The family unit was clearly close-knit.  I was in awe.

The possibilities are endless.  Children learn most of what they do from you as parents anyway.  My husband & I have the patience (I think…I hope!) and understanding to guide our children as they mold their brains and become part of the world around them.  It’s such an incredible concept to us.  And right now, it’s what’s important to us.

Here’s where YOU come in handy:

We would love your input!  I know many of my readers are considering homeschooling their own children, if they don’t already.  This is where I will take full advantage of the internet & it’s capabilities.  We would love your advice, your comments, your concerns, your hopes & fears, your likes & dislikes…your thoughts, your references, your ideas.  We haven’t even gotten our toes wet so we could use all the tips we can get!

Thank you, in advance, for supporting us in this endeavor as well as becoming a part of the future of our child.


  1. My training is as a teacher, so of course I’ve thought in the abstract about homeschooling my children. Now that I’m actually pregnant with my first, I’m beginning to think about it a little more concretely. Because the public schools in my state … well, they suck.

    We probably won’t homeschool (we’re looking at Waldorf as a more well-rounded option to traditional education), but I certainly don’t judge those who do!

    I think homeschooling is a really admirable choice. There is a LOT of support out there for parents who are homeschooling (both in terms of academics, and in social opportunities for both parents and kids). It’s very challenging, though, and it can be done poorly. It may take more work than you’re anticipating, especially as your children get older. But if you’re up for the challenge, I say go for it! See how it goes for preschool, and keep us informed.

    • Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your view here. Thank you for the support 🙂

  2. Lele,
    I think I might have seen this on your blog? But the website has a lot of good ideas for activities. I am curious to hear how you will go about this since we are basically doing the same thing for Vincent this year. We will probably be going with some sort of theme thing although if that just seems too uninteresting and rigid for Vincent we might drop it.
    It seems to me that it will just be an extension of what we already do now, which is exploring and learning about the external and internal worlds. But with a little more conscientiousness on my part.
    I don’t know if we will officially home school him when he is ready for elementary/kindergarten. Although we will always home school him regardless.
    Anyway, curious and excited to hear your path!

    • This is great, Katy. Thank you! I hadn’t been on that site yet.

      I agree so much with your philosophy. As my motto goes, isn’t it best to learn a piece of art directly from seeing, smelling, touching the art rather than opening a book to read about it? They will undoubtedly learn most from exploring the world around us. The path we’re choosing is similar. Let’s be sure to share stories in the future 🙂

  3. I was reading one of your comments on one of my past posts and realized I haven’t seen much activity from you. I hope things are going welll for you and your family! I miss your thoughts and posts!

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