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Posted by on May 3, 2011 in Children, Life, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom | 2 comments

Another Lesson Learned:  Do Not Want What You Haven’t Got

Another Lesson Learned: Do Not Want What You Haven’t Got

Most of the time, my two children play nicely together.  Usually they share pretty well.  Most of the time.  As I listen to my two year-old repeatedly yelling the most well-known word of all two year-olds, “MINE!”, I turn to see the siblings playing tug-of-war with a block.  There are seven or eight other blocks within their reach, but they both want the one.  Must be an extra-special block.

It’s interesting to think the concept of sharing is a tough lesson to learn.  I know many adults that still haven’t learned.  We always want what someone else holds.  For children it’s simple, the child who holds it makes it look like fun!  They make it look enticing and, well, the other child wants what that child has.  Simple, really.  What is our excuse as adults?  I look through catalog after catalog (confession: I love a little light reading during mealtimes) and wonder what it would be like to have that really nice, brand spanking new patio set or that hot-off-the-press handbag.  I would love to have the huge 5000 square-foot home I watched being built around the corner, but I never actually act on these desires.  Is it natural to want what you haven’t got?

My answer is simple:  You always have what you need right in front of you.  If you don’t have it, you probably don’t need it.  Enjoy the things you do have rather than focusing on the things you do not.  Do not want what you haven’t got.

Another lesson learned.  I will be posting this series from time to time.  It’s an easy one, my children are always teaching me life lessons.  I sure hope they’re also learning them as we go along :)!


  1. AMEN! 🙂

  2. So so true!

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