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Posted by on Apr 1, 2011 in Children, Children's Songs, Healthy Lifestyle, Kids Activities, Library, Music, Passion, Pregnancy, Save money, Stay At Home Mom | 3 comments

Fab Five Fridays:  Music For Little Ears

Fab Five Fridays: Music For Little Ears

One thing I took time to do when I was pregnant with my firsborn is begin a music collection.  This collection includes everything from cd’s to music boxes and is always growing.  I have come across some great music!  Music is top priority on my list of “must-haves” with a new baby.  While in utero, my babies listened to quite the variety, pretty much everything!  Now that they’re on the outside, they still listen to a little bit of everything.  Lately we listen to music that is more their pace but always keep the variety.  It’s the spice of life, you know 🙂

In no particular order because I can’t play favorites, our most listened-to baby cd’s include:

1.  Rockabye Baby

This is a fun series.  You can get your ears on music box renditions of Coldplay, The Beatles, Radiohead and Metallica among many others.  TONS of selection.  I was lucky enough to come across these albums (they are still called albums, aren’t they?!) when I was still carrying our first baby so we’ve collected many by now.

2.  Putumayo  Kids

 Phenomenal music for the entire family to enjoy.    Putumayo Presents CDs have expanded in the last few years and we couldn’t be happier!  We could listen to our collection all day.  “Sesame Street Playground” gets us going in the morning.  “Picnic Playground” is the perfect complement to our meals.  We have music happy hour in the afternoon when we’re not busy at our Music Party with friends listening to “Rock and Roll Playground”.  Finally, we  often end our day with “Dreamland” (& sometimes “Acoustic Dreamland”).  That’s not to say we don’t listen to ALL of the CDs Putumayo puts out, even the non-Kids CDs are fantastic.  A friendly tip:  check them out at your local library before you purchase to see which ones you like best!

3.  Baby Einstein

I don’t care what has been said about these cd’s.  I am fully aware that they are not guaranteed to make my baby smarter.  I can’t even believe that the company had a lawsuit filed against them for such reasons.  Agh, America, come on!!  These discs are great for anytime!  We love “Traveling Melodies” for long car rides, or even short ones 🙂

4.  Curious George Soundtrack, Jack Johnson & Friends

We jam out to this cd constantly as a family.  One of my favorites-it’s the best cd to accompany you in making dinner!  You don’t have to love the movie or Curious George to love this music.

5.  Baby Loves Jazz

“Go Baby Go!” is a rockin’ good time!  Admittedly, I didn’t even realize there was a collection of these until doing a search.  I’m excited to find out there are more!!  Singable tunes your children will remember, not to mention yourself and your partner!

I hope you find new titles in some or all of this list.  I love to share music with people!  As always, please feel free to share your personal lists by leaving a comment below.  And you can look forward to more when I follow up with Fab Five Fridays:  Music For Little Ears Volume TWO!


  1. This looks like a great list! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My guy is addicted to Brent Holmes. He particularly likes the Cow Tunes, but there are also Moose, Bear and Sealife Tunes. It’s definitely kid music, but I have to confess, I don’t mind listening to it myself!

    • This I have never heard of! I love hearing new suggestions, great of you to share! I’ll be excited to listen!

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