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Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in Children, Children's Literature, Library, Stay At Home Mom | 0 comments

Check Your Local Library

Check Your Local Library

Our local library is the greatest. It’s open every day throughout every season. Before I was married with children, I would frequent the library to use the computer, grab resources for my teaching, and make copies, things like that. They have ongoing programs for everything from book groups & travel discussions to driving courses & bridge. You can go to the library for some free and entertaining socializing! It’s not the stark building it used to be where you sit and read in silence.

With children, the library is a whole new place. My husband and I grew up loving books. We both read at an early age & intend on teaching our children the same. Literacy is an extremely valuable tool. We go quite a bit to attend their baby & toddler classes and while we’re there, we always check out a pile of books, DVDs & CDs. They have so many programs for children. It’s just an awesome place.

If you have never been, shame on you! There is much fun to be had at your local library. Check it out! or

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