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Posted by on Feb 6, 2011 in Children, Family, Life, Moderation, Philosophy | 1 comment

Love, Again and Again

Love, Again and Again

I wasn’t one of those girls who had dreams about a fairy tale wedding and a white picket fence when I was young. I just never thought about settling down, getting married and having kids. How quickly that all changed when I met “the one”. My whole attitude about life, in general, changed. I wanted to be with this man forever. I wanted to procreate with him and spend the rest of our lives together. I still do, and I always will.

Sometimes it’s great to just sit and remember these moments, reflect every so often on the “why“. Dig back to our roots and recall the easy love times. The kind of love where nothing else mattered, there were no responsibilities together, everything was a piece of cake because love blinded us. Now it takes two of us, and we can love the same way we did those some-odd years ago when we first fell in love. Simply bring that memory back into reality and groove on.

It’s hard not to say things to him like “You complete me.” and “You’re my other half.”, because as corny as it is, it’s true. No, I don’t say those things to him, really. We have our own ways. Besides, there are so many other ways he completes me. As we grow old together, there are many things we do each day that couples often do. We finish each other’s sentences. We know what the other is going to say before they speak. We laugh at each other’s jokes, hokey or not. We laugh together and cry together. There is no one in this world that completes me better.

We have two tiny reasons why we continue falling in love over and over again. It’s almost unbearable sometimes to see these little creations, made out of pure love. It makes our hearts want to burst! What an amazingly beautiful wonder God has allowed us to witness. For this, we are always grateful. The love we have been given is so wonderful. We all remind each other time and again. We know they feel it too.

1 Comment

  1. Gee, thanks for the Monday morning cry! Heehee! Love it, and good timing for Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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