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Posted by on Jun 27, 2011 in Children, Family, Favorite Things, Friends, Healthy Lifestyle, Kids Activities, Life, Moderation, Motherhood, Stay At Home Mom, Summer, Zoo | 6 comments

Gearing Up For A Summer Of Fun!

Gearing Up For A Summer Of Fun!

Here we are, the summer of 2011!  How did we get to this point, friends?  Time sure is flying!

We have quite a to-do list this summer.  In between the weddings, baby showers & newborn visits, family festivities & birthday parties, there’s a whole other list of things we want to do.  Well here it all is, in list form as I love to do:

~Days at the Lake.  My grandmother has a cottage/lake house on a Finger Lake in NY…one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We are fortunate enough to have full access.  I spent my childhood summers there & intend on giving our children the same wonderful experience.

~Fruit Picking. Last week was rainy so we missed out on strawberries,  booo!  No worries, we’ll make up for it this week.

~The Zoo.  We have a membership to a local zoo, a gift we were given from my in-laws.  Also plan on visiting some out-of-town zoos.

~Local Farms.  Petting Zoos have become one of my kids’ favorite things to do.  There are several places very close-by we can go to meet the animals.  We also learn a ton about growing produce which is an important life lesson.  Support local farms!

~Museums.  For rainy days, which there are a lot of here in NY State.

~Aquarium(s).  Unfortunately, there are none relatively close.  We’ll just have to travel ;).

~Baseball Game(s).  Local or not, we haven’t been to a ballgame with the kids…yet.  They were born into a Yankee household, though we’re not diehard into baseball.  We still enjoy a good game.

~Playdates with our friends!  No doubt there will be LOTS of these…especially a re-enactment of this photo:

~Parks/Playgrounds.  We live in a mecca of playgrounds.  Definitely love visiting new ones, & after 2 1/2 years, we’re still not running out!  One of our most favorite things to do there:  PICNIC!

~Hikes.  Speaking of a nice area to live, there are so many trails surrounding us, we will never be bored!  We picked up a “Passport to Wellness” at our amazing local supermarket which gives us a trail guide & a few perks along the way.  So fun!

~Pool Swim.  Several friends/family have pools & we plan on taking full advantage :)!  This is the summer our 2 1/2 year old will really learn to swim & we couldn’t be more excited!  Luckily, we have a pass to a nearby pool with friends & we can go any time.  How fun is that?!  Now if we could just get our hands on some good life jackets.  any recommendations for a trusted brand?

~Planetarium.  My husband has a geeky side, the love of planets.  We don’t mind, in fact, we love them too :).

~Concerts.  Yes, we are those people who bring our kids to late-night, loud, rockin’ concerts.  (And yes, we protect our ears.)  It’s good for their souls.  Great, great fun!

Well, so much to do, so little time.  I’m sure there’s more, perhaps I’ll make a list half-way through the summer & see what I’ve missed!

What are your plans?

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