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Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in holiday shopping, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom, sweet whimsy designs, Work From Home | 2 comments

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

This extreme thankful feeling keeps crossing my mind, as this season passes and the motivation to create is both necessary and overwhelmingly present – it just wouldn’t be possible without some wonderful people in my life. First, a supportive family – a husband who does laundry and dishes and even has learned to make a few good meals; independent children who don’t mind being neglected for the month (sort of not kidding) & who have been helpful & loving, and learning much on their own, many times even painting alongside me. An extended family of supportive kindness & the most awesome babysitters on the planet. Supportive friends who encourage and praise, making this gal feel oh•so•loved. And last but certainly not least, a fan base of clientele who ROCK THE CASBAH! Thank you all so very much, with all of my heart! We are grateful for your support & sincerely hope you enjoy your swd creations for years and years to come. Happy Holidays!!


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Posted by on Oct 18, 2013 in Arts, Autumn, Birthday Parties, Birthdays, Children, Christmas, Crafts, Creative, Gift Ideas, Giveaways, Handmade, Handmade Holiday, Holiday Gift Ideas, holiday shopping, Holidays, Homemade, painting, Party, peg dolls, Product Review, Reviews, Shopping, sweet whimsy designs | 0 comments

What’s Going On: October 18, 2013

What’s Going On: October 18, 2013


hello & happy friday! so much going on in the world of sweet whimsy designs / The Whimsical Sweet, i thought i’d share. feature on psiadoreyou you runs through tomorrow. giveaway on ends 10/20 (which also happens to be my birthday!). craft fair at Ellwanger-Barry nursery school tomorrow 10/19 11am – 4pm (locals to Rochester NY, this should be a super fun-filled family event)! lots of holiday inventory prep & fulfilling orders left & right. upcoming giveaways from handmade shops & finally, hopefully, the blog on the big carnival bash featuring TONS of wonderful reviews and giveaways.

{i’m intentionally writing in lower case because sweet whimsy designs is for little ones. and because i’m nursing a baby and too tired to turn on auto-correct. 😉 }


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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Arts, Children, Costumes, Crafts, Crafts, Crazy Mom-isms, Creative, DIY, Economical Activities, Etsy, Giveaways, Halloween, Handmade, Handmade Halloween, Handmade Holiday, Holidays, Homemade, peg dolls, Save money, Stay At Home Mom, sweet whimsy designs, sweet whimsy designs, sweet whimsy designs, Work From Home, Working Mom | 17 comments

Homemade Robot Costume & sweet whimsy designs GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Homemade Robot Costume & sweet whimsy designs GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Last year, our 2 year-old (at the time) was MAD about robots (or “Oobots”, as he called them). There was really no option in his mind when it came to dressing for Halloween.

Upon looking at our vast collection of old diaper boxes, crates left over from our summer CSA, and used toys, I decided to create his very own Oobot. I documented it well, however, our computer has since crashed & I have (hopefully temporarily) lost a few years’ worth of photos & videos. I don’t want to talk about that. Instead, I have decided to post this “how-to” make your very own robot costume without detailed step-by-step photos. I hope you get the gist.

Here he is, in his absolute glory!mars robot costumeThe box on his head is a diaper box spray-painted in silver metallic. Also sprayed were three large & three smaller vegetable/fruit crates (you know, the green cardboard) and a red plastic cup. The eyes are painted peanut butter jar tops which were super-glued around the edges to adhere to the box.

The box for the body was an amazon box repurposed with metallic silver spray-paint as well. I definitely used several coats to insure any printing was covered. The boxes’ squares were simply cut out with a pair of scissors. We added padding to the shoulders, as the costume was getting rather heavy & wouldn’t be easy to walk in come Halloween night.

I created a panel on the inside of the body with a piece of cardboard, slightly larger than the opening, covered in tinfoil. The panel was then Duck-taped to the inside of the opening. On the panel, I added a switch plate which I found at Lowe’s for under $1.00. I also grabbed a light switch for chump change along with four white caps & painted everything in a variety of colors from DecoArt Americana paints then outlined in metallic silver puffy paint. Target had some working blacklights in their dollar section, so I purchased two of them & attached them to the top & bottom of the panel with double-sided padded tape.

I also cut an “infinity” shape out of cardboard & covered it in tinfoil to begin the turn-key at the side. After cutting a small “x” slit in the side of the body, I covered a paper towel roll in tinfoil & sliced a slit about an inch long in 2 places to slide the infinity shape & make a key. So easy!

The “Marsbot 2012” was painted in DecoArt Americana Bright Yellow paint (2 coats) then outlined in silver glitter puffy paint. I asked my husband to screw in several plastic gears of various colors that were part of a board game no longer in use. They were loose enough to maneuver & everyone who came close enough would love to play with them! Our son was like a walking toy!!

Likely the most costly purchase for the costume was for the arms. We bought ducts from Lowe’s, costing a total of around $13 with much to spare. I cut pieces long enough to cover his arms and was sure to tuck in the edges to prevent cuts. We wanted to make legs out of the ducts as well but figured it wouldn’t allow him to walk…at all. Good choice, I think ;).

Everything was put together with silver Duck Tape. I just love all the colors and patterns Duck Tape now offers!

The back side had some fun things to see, too. We glued a Frisbee that he painted & some buttons to push.

This costume made heads turn & was the hit at our town’s Halloween Parade where our son won Best Costume for his age group. He received a plaque & was (& still is) so proud!! He marched around the parade beaming & waving to the crowd. He loved being a robot for a day!!

The costume stayed together pretty well, minus a few mishaps, but nothing tape or glue couldn’t fix! He wore it to several occasions & by Halloween night, we wished we had insulated the costume – it was a cold night!!

We can assure you the look of sadness was due to the cold weather & not the awesome costume he was sporting!

We can assure you the look of sadness was due to the cold weather & not the awesome costume he was sporting!

I always seem to raise the bar each year. I have decided this year that I will make costumes only every OTHER year, this Mama needs a break! It is so much fun, though, especially if your significant other is on board to lend a hand.

What are you whipping up for Halloween this year? What are your little ones going to be?! Share & enter to WIN a set of PEG DOLLS from my shop!!


wizard of ozsuperhero avengersroyal princess setpeg doll necklace


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One (1) winner will receive a shop credit totaling $45 & will include shipping. Contest begins October 14, 2013 at 12:00am and ends October 21, 2013 at 12:00am. Winner will be announced Monday, October 21, 2013 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook page. Prize will be shipped to any of the 48 contingent U.S. states within one week of winner announcement. Entries will be verified.

Full disclosure: I have not been compensated in any way to write this post or feature any companies in this post. All opinions are my own. It was completely my own doing and I hope you never thought otherwise, even for a second :). 

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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 in Arts, Birthday Parties, Birthdays, Children, Creative, Giveaways, Handmade, Handmade Holiday, painting, Party, peg dolls, Product Review, Reviews, Shopping, sweet whimsy designs, Working Mom | 0 comments

FALL FRENZY – Festive Fall Features To Come

FALL FRENZY – Festive Fall Features To Come

The weather is shifting, kids have returned to schooling, summer is over. No, it’s not! Still a few weeks left until the autumnal equinox, and we are celebrating.

I’ve been waiting very, very, patiently to announce something spectacular.

The Whimsical Sweet is elated to announce FALL FRENZY: a series of festive fall review/giveaways featuring handmade shops throughout the USA!!!

Between now and, well, forever, I will be featuring close to a shop a week (or more!) and YOU will be able to WIN these phenomenal treats and treasures!

Appropriately, sweet whimsy designs will be kicking off this fabulous slew of giveaways with a feature on Batb Lifestyle!!

Alissa Wilbur is a super blogger & super Mom who has quite a show on her blog, Batb Lifestyle! She has a beautiful little girl & writes lovely day-to-day posts. Today she is featuring ME 🙂 and I am smitten!

Please read the review then enter to win a brand spankin’ new Birthday Set featuring a cake topper as well as a necklace or keychain from the shop.

All custom, all for you!

Thank you to Alissa for hosting this fab opportunity for all of you!! Find her on Facebook, Instagram (@alissawilbur) & Pinterest (@alissawilbur) then be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win!!




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Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in Arts, Baby, Birthday Parties, Birthdays, Children, Creative, Etsy, Holiday Gift Ideas, painting, peg dolls, sweet whimsy designs, Toddlers, Work From Home, Working Mom | 2 comments

sweet whimsy designs’ Update!

sweet whimsy designs’ Update!

August is nearing a close and I have a great, big announcement…

…but that will have to wait ;).

First, I must give a big virtual hug to all of you amazing sweet whimsy designs’ supporters for allowing the shop to have it’s BEST MONTH EVER! August brought some wonderfully creative custom requests: superhero wedding cake toppers, custom castle blocks and colored knights, pirates and a spiffy new pirate ship, even a first birthday diapered baby cake topper! I would love for you to follow my Facebook page for all the latest posts including the “Paint Of The Day” photo which features a daily project for you to see. There’s lots more in store!

As always, thank you for allowing me to bring your ideas to fruition. It has been such a fun summer creating!


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