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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Breastfeeding, Choices, Cleanse, Cooking, Detox, Food, Healthy Lifestyle, Moderation, Motivational Posts, New Years' Resolution, Stay At Home Mom | 2 comments

“Sweet” Detox Cleanse

“Sweet” Detox Cleanse

Ready for a new year? I know we sure are!

I’ve made a decision to return to the healthy lifestyle I chose when I became pregnant with my firstborn 6+ years ago. Whole foods, limited dairy, no processed foods or refined sugar, limited no alcohol, no caffeine (wean, wean, whine)…

When I’m pregnant or nursing, it’s easy, since it’s primarily for someone else. However, when life gets busy & time vanishes, it’s difficult to keep up with full, whole meals to feed five people.

Since I’m done nursing (Little Miss Hadley weaned a few weeks ago), I thought it was a great time to do a detox cleanse for my body. We have been SO busy. We’ve been eating poorly, making no choices, really, but simply eating anything we could get our hands on. As a result, I haven’t been able to lose any weight, and I’ve been holding on to this baby weight – from all three ‘babies’ – for much too long now. Time to nip that right in the bud. Perfect timing, really, since it’s also the start of a new year.

With the help from a fellow homeschooling Mama friend, we’re going to find our way to healthier eating again. Jodie Rogers is a Holistic Health Coach & owner of Ray Of Radiance. She has given me a few tips to start this new year right!

Day One included a warm lemon water first thing this morning. Jodie explained how powerful and wonderful lemon is. I believe my body is naturally craving it because I was all about drinking the juice straight from the lemon! I did warm some water in the kettle & drizzle some lemon in. Jodie stressed to use warm, not hot, water. We don’t want to kill any good properties of the lemon.

I’ll do my best to keep updating here on the blog as I partake in this new food journey.

Please feel free to comment & include any tips or suggestions you may have that work for you! Thanks, friends!


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Posted by on Jul 20, 2013 in Baby, Breastfeeding, Children, Choices, Cooking, Creative, Economical Activities, Family, Healthy Lifestyle, Homeschool, infant, Kids Activities, Library, Life, Marriage, Moderation, Motherhood, Motivational Posts, Natural Parenting, newborn, Parenting, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom | 2 comments

How I Function {With Three Kids}: Part One

How I Function {With Three Kids}: Part One

Be realistic. Generally I never make an appointment before 10am. It takes at least one half-hour per child to prepare to leave the house, just to exit the front door. Why make yourself crazy?!

Go easy on yourself. I breast feed on demand until my kids are at least 12 months old. Trust me, it’s easier!

•Like I said, Go easy on yourself. I co-sleep. We’re all much happier and there’s much less wailing, crying and whining, and much more sleep for everyone.

(As I type these facts, I realize this is a great reminder to myself that it is all worth it! The love in our family is apparent and whole.)

Let them do it. We teach our children (usually with their lead) to brush their own teeth, wash their bodies, clean themselves, get themselves dressed, clear their plates from the table after meals, etc. I’m not ashamed to say we potty train at an early age, with baby-led signs, simply to make it easier. Our kids have usually been ready by eighteen months, and we’re just fine with that! They love to get themselves dressed and brush their own hair after baths. Obviously it builds self-confidence and boosts their big little egos. It’s a win-win!

Eat well. We eat whole, raw foods often; I cut up fruit and vegetables to have ready to eat in the fridge. I make crock-pot meals and sauces and many times I don’t cook! (Thank you to our local grocery store, Wegmans, for your super easy $6 Meals which provide my family with a nutritious meal when I am too busy to cook.) When we DO cook, we pretty much make meals in an assembly line, healthy pyramid-style, directly to the kids place at the table. Time-saving and nutritious!

(Speaking of time-saving, invest in an inexpensive, clean-able, wipe-able tablecloth. HomeGoods has pretty, inexpensive padded plastic tablecloths that are appealing enough to use while your kids are young.)

•We read a lot and watch tv only sometimes. Our 4 1/2 year-old now loves to read to her siblings, which is truly the most precious thing ever!

Live comfortably. The house is most certainly always messy. We’ve agreed that our priority is the children, so any disarray that gets in the way is just secondary to them. (And they’re ALWAYS the ones creating the mess so we know they’re enjoying themselves thoroughly!) As they say, a messy home is the sign of happy children.

Relax. I take baths to relax, about once a week, in the evenings when the kids go to bed (or sometimes before, thanks to my dedicated husband!). Everyone has their thing, mine is often baths. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I read, but the most efficient way for me to relax is a hot, steamy bubble bath.

Date other people. We take our kids on one-on-one “dates”, even if it’s just to the grocery store, the library, or to fill up the tank with gas. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just a little something from time to time to let them know they’re important and loved.

Get creative. Literally. We pile up the scissors, glue sticks, crayons & paper and ask them to make a castle or a butterfly, a rocket ship, whatever! They’ll come up with something even if you can’t, don’t be afraid to get artsy. Check Pinterest for ideas if both you and your children are at a loss. {Doubtful.}

Call in the troops. We enlist help. We have family that is close & we call in them when we need their assistance. We don’t take advantage (we rarely go on “date nights” and even more rarely go out with friends together – and we’re ok with that.) so we only utilize their loving babysitting when needed for work-related things, appointments, outings like that.

Above all, enjoy the ride. Love your children, kiss and hug them often. There is always one piece of advice every new Mom hears repeatedly: It flies by. And it really does. In the blink of an eye, you will be choosing a first birthday outfit, picking which soccer camp they’ll attend, playing ‘Tooth Fairy’, teaching multiplication, then *gasp* applying to colleges.

Just. Stay. Little.*

What are some tips you would like to share? What gets you through the day with your family?

*I met this beautiful woman who creates beautiful pieces for little girls. Debbie from Sweet Lemonade has a cute little necklace with this phrase, “Just stay little”, and it says it all. We are collaborating on a few sweet surprises to come! Stay tuned.


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Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Children, Family, Favorite Things, Featured, Life, Memories, Moderation, Motherhood, Parenting, Random Thought Of The Day, Stay At Home Mom | 0 comments



These nights when nothing really happened, but everything did.

I will remember sitting here, clipping these tiny fingernails as the cacophony of young children’s banter and coos rang through the room like a lovely choir, sometimes.

I will remember our one year-old trying to place various beads from Mardi Gras’ past around her neck as her big sister does, only lacking the skill her big sister possesses.

I will remember snuggling into our son as he reenacts a car crash scene with his little race cars, hearing Jeff Buckley singing “Hallelujah” in the background.

I will remember begging and pleading with our four-and-a-half year-old to pick up her toys – her peg dolls and dress-up shoes, doctor kit and the journal that she sketches in from time to time. And the smile she gives as she attempts to barter, clever to strike a bargain.

I will remember watching those first steps that night. The first steps of our darling daughter, just short of fourteen months old. Oh how they disappear into big girl steps so quickly.

I will remember our oldest asking me to please undo the braid from her hair, the same hair that took four-and-a-half years to grow long enough to braid.

I will remember the kiss and embrace before bed, tonight, every night.

I will remember it all. I have to. I must.

For it will be only a memory.


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Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Addiction, Children, Choices, Family, Food, Healthy Lifestyle, Life, Moderation, Motherhood, Parenting, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom, Working Mom | 4 comments

The Easy Way Out

The Easy Way Out

I’m an addict.

We are all addicts in one form or another. Whether it’s nicotine, sex, food, or conversation. I’m sure you could find something you feel you cannot live without. That’s addiction, simply put, anyway.

At one point in my life, I was addicted to smoking cigarettes. I had one reason to quit, and that was my pregnancy. Easy, when it’s for someone else.

Full disclosure: I’m currently addicted to diet soda. “Cherry Zero”, to be exact. I can’t go a day without it or I have withdrawal symptoms – headache, fatigue, leg cramps.

It’s AWFUL. It’s consuming. It’s horrible.

And I know how bad it is for my body. Otherwise, I’m a healthy eater. Whole foods, organic foods, local foods. I try to eat well & feed my family well, but I ingest this crap and cringe with every swallow.

Well, I’m committing to quitting. I’m ready to tell you, readers, that enough is enough.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

In the past, I’ve practiced piano three to five hours a day to complete sonatas, concerti, and fugues.

I’ve learned to ski, to play tennis, to dance, to teach, to paint.

I’ve started two business from nothing.

I’ve given birth completely naturally three times!

I’ve survived a brain tumor, for the love of Jiminy Crickets!!!

How can this be more difficult than those moments?!

First of all, I didn’t give birth for me.

When we do things for ourselves, or at least try, attempt to do things for ourselves, there is an inner struggle. Perhaps fear, laziness or greed get in the way of achievement. Something may deter a goal from being easy.

When we do things for others, it’s easy. And it’s worth it.

I’ll just pretend that kicking this soda habit is for them: my smart, beautiful, healthy children. Because essentially, it is for them.

My life isn’t completely my own anymore. Most of everything I do is for them, and there is nothing wrong with that. They need me. I am their mother.

As difficult as this simple idea of quitting a habit may be, if I remember why, maybe it will be that much easier.

Then again, who said life was easy?!Sweet kids Easter 2013

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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Baby, Breastfeeding, Children, Choices, Creative, Etsy, Family, Healthy Lifestyle, Holidays, Homemade, Homeschool, Life, Moderation, Motherhood, Music, Natural Parenting, Parenting, Passion, Philosophy, Stay At Home Mom, sweet whimsy designs, Winter, Work From Home, Working Mom | 0 comments

Goodbye, 2012

Goodbye, 2012

A new year is on the horizon.

A time to start fresh, if you wish. To renew. To begin again. Your choice.

This year, I have more on my plate than ever before. I’m a stay-at-home, work-from-home Mom of three, ages four and under. I teach music. I teach piano. I own a shop. I knit. I paint. I blog. I homeschool. I exclusively breastfeed our baby. I’m trying to do it all in twenty-four hours each day and it is no small task.

This year I will have confidence.

I will do more and think less.
I will pick my battles before they break.
I will be organized, effective, and concise in my daily life.
I will let love and be loved.
I will understand, be patient, and thoughtful.

My resolution is to do more but to worry less.

My resolution is to be me.

To just be me.


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