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Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Handmade, Holiday Gift Guide, holiday shopping, Shopping | 0 comments

{Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide 2015

We are so thrilled to present to you the {Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide for the year 2015! In this guide you will find a little something for everyone! There is no end to the delight and wonder that everything handmade brings. Every shop is filled with positive messages like creativity, humor, joy, faith and love. One of the best parts of buying from handmade shops is getting to know the owners, because behind every shop, there is a tale to be told! This year for the first time, you will have instant access to your favorite items on sale in the Handmade Holiday Bazaar through our sister website, @WeAreHandmade. Simply click on the sale link to purchase & you will receive your products well in time for holiday gifting. So without further ado, welcome to the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, and enjoy! {Simply click on shop name for website}

Holiday gift guide2015 1

  1. Sail East Co – Candice Collins is the owner of this stylish shop, which carries a wide variety of shoes for children. Their handmade moccasins, such as the adorable “Bone Jilly Janes” (see photo above!) are each unique with all kinds of different styles and colors! Sail East Couture allows for children to be stylish while expressing themselves through these cute and delightfully designed moccasins. Not only do they have garb for children, but they have cleverly designed shirts for mommies as well!
    Sail East Co on Instagram – ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  2. Bannor Toys – This shop was created and is run by an extraordinary duo, Stacey Bannor and her husband Jesse Bannor! These two were inspired by the lack of long lasting, decent quality toys for their children. So they decided to make their own, and what a remarkable journey it has been for them! They encourage creativity and open ended education. Their adorable wooden toys are handcrafted in the USA, down to the smallest piece. The wood, paint and finish used is all organic. A lot of care and thought is put into every creation, so that kids everywhere will be able to experience safe, long lasting fun!
    Bannor Toys on FacebookInstagram 
  3. Bombshell Bath Bomb Boudoir – This shop is owned by Vanessa Stepp, who handmakes every bath bomb herself! These colorful bath bombs are unique and made with natural, wholesome ingredients. None of the ingredients or the products are tested on animals, and they are 100% vegan! Bombshell Bath Bomb Boudoir believes that everyone deserves a blissful bath experience, and their products help customers to do just that. Every type of bath bomb is unique and colorful, such as the Christmas Wishes Bath Bomb (pictured above), creating a special and relaxing experience for everyone during bathtime!
    Bombshell Bath Bomb Boudoir on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  4. sweet whimsy designs – This shop is the crafty creation of our very own Leandra Sweet, who creates playable art for children of all ages! This stay-at-home-mom has been painting peg dolls for littles since 2009, and puts time and care into every handmade creation. From her colorful Circus Set (see photo above!) to castles and princesses, this shop has all kinds of inspiring toys for children. These peg dolls make the perfect stocking stuffers, as well as a wide variety of other uses, such as cake toppers, party favors and even educational art. With her intricate artistic skill and love for all things handmade, Leandra creates new worlds every day!
    sweet whimsy designs on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  5. Emerson & Oliver – In this shining shop, each piece of jewelry is designed and handmade by the co-owners, Mary Presutti and Laura Bascomb-Werth! These lifelong friends have a patience, talent and love for jewelry making that is indelible. After a decade of living apart in two different countries, they come together to create this shop and help it flourish, with the influence of their mingled personalities and experiences. Their jewelry is simplistic and lovely, such as the Dia bracelets (see photo above!), and tell tales about love and life!
    Emerson & Oliver on Facebook InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  6. Moko & Company – This shop was founded by two sisters, Megan and Kristy, and their mother, Laurie. They make a great team, inspired by their loves of travel, long walks, and arts of all kinds! Every product is designed and handmade with care, and there is a wide range of what they offer. Their “Follow the Leader” mini pouch (pictured above!) is just one example of the dynamic designs of Moko & Co, and all their products will make great gifts. From tote bags to jewelry, there is no end to the creativity these ladies harness!
    Moko & Co on InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  7. Madly Wish – Whitney Surane is the goofy, wonderful mastermind behind this shop. Madly Wish is a delightful shop, the name of which is an anagram of Whitney’s children’s names! If that isn’t enough to display how creative and quirky she is, take a look at her work. There’s plenty of “mad” designs in these beautiful beddings and blankets (such as their Madly Wish Lovey– pictured above!), and in many other creations as well. There is no limit to the creativity that lies within Madly Wish; you just have to be curious and crazy enough to take a peek!
    Madly Wish on Facebook InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  8. The Patchery – This uniquely innovative shop is the creation of Amber Gunn Thomas, who was inspired during sewing clothes for her own children. She wanted to be able to create something that allowed people to become immersed in the creative process of making their clothes, even if they didn’t know how to sew. And thus, The Patchery sprung to life! The process is simple. First, the customer picks a product online, and from there gets to design their very own clothing creation. Every piece of clothing is made and shipped with care, and never ceases to please!
    The Patchery on Facebook InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  9. The Dottery – Austynn Rains is the incredibly talented artist and owner of this shop. Her specialty is intricately painted dishes. Each dish is hand painted with eye-catching designs and expressive clusters of color. These pieces will brighten everyday cooking in the kitchen, and are perfect for festive gatherings such as dinner parties or holidays!
    The Dottery on Facebook InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
    Holiday gift guide2015 2
  10. Hazard Baby – This shop was brought to life by the realization that the kinds of warning labels used for equipment and material safety could be applied to kids as well! It may sound silly at first, but it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Take their “Handle With Care” onesie (pictured above!) for example. Too perfect! The owner, Lynn Brown, isn’t afraid to admit that babies, like many other things in this world, can be quite the handful! This shop has a wide range of cute, clever t-shirt designs for babies, toddlers and the like.
    Hazard Baby on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  11. Gracie & Marie – Michelle Kilmon is the lovely lady behind the creation of Gracie and Marie, a shop full of festive felt garlands. She creates garlands made for any occasion, from birthday parties to Christmas (see photo!), and everything in between! Aside from the different colors, the garlands can be styled in any way that fits the desired appearance. This inspires creativity and festivity all throughout the holidays and during seasonal house decorating as well!
    Gracie & Marie on FacebookInstagram – ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  12. HandMaid Jewelry – Michelle Gornichec, proud owner of HandMaid Jewelry, stamps each piece of jewelry herself. Many are adorned with colorful gems and or memorable quotes from inspirational movies or books. The fangirl in you will squeal as soon as you see some of these references! Their “Be Brave” necklace for example (picture above), is particularly inspiring. Clever, simplistic, and sweet, HandMaid Jewelry conveys tales within each morsel of metal, and their products are perfect for any occasion. Each piece of jewelry is unique and special down to the last letter!
    HandMaid Jewelry on FacebookInstagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  13. Chamel’s Creations – Chamel Evans, another immensely inspiring woman, is the owner of Chamel’s Creations, which is a shop of style, creativity and faith. The goal is to inspire, encourage, and empower people through the word of God and through her handmade creations. This shop has lots of faith-adorned jewelry (see photo!), clothing, and accessories. These wonderful handmade creations implore faith, positivity and inspiration all through bright, colorful designs.
    Chamel’s Creations on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  14. Artistry by Lisa Marie – Lisa is an amazing artist with a talent for capturing the beauty and exuberance of animals through portraits. Her portraits range from common house pets to majestic wildlife, and sometimes a cute and quirky doodle! This art is brought to life by the use of Prismacolor colored pencils, graphite, and/or ink, and each piece is signed by the artist herself before it’s sent out to a lucky client. Lisa has a wide range of beautiful pieces in her etsy shop, and she also takes custom orders! Animal lovers will especially adore her expressive pet portraits (pictured above!).
    Artistry by Lisa Marie on FacebookInstagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  15. Kismet Love Collection – Shelly, the owner and creator of Kismet Love Collection, is an inspiring woman and a brilliant mother! Her delightful nursing scarves (such as the one pictured above) are a product of her personal journey as a mother and a proud breastfeeding advocate. The goal of the nursing scarves is to provide comfort and confidence in women, not only when they’re nursing, but while they’re pregnant as well. These scarves are very versatile, and can be used as a fashion statement, nursing cover, blanket, changing cloth, or even car-seat cover! This shop is a wonderful way to welcome pregnant women into motherhood, as well as supporting positive thinking for women everywhere!
    Kismet Love Collection on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  16. Cuddle Cups – Janell Phillips is the owner of Cuddle Cups, a “cupcake” shop with a twist! This shop has many cupcake-shaped decorations, made of colorful felt and adorned with adorable designs. They also make delightful Christmas tree ornaments (see photo!). Along with party decorations, Janell makes colorful felt sewing pin covers and felt pincushions, for those who love to sew. Whether for parties or everyday decor, these cupcakes will brighten everyone’s mood!
    Cuddle Cups on InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  17. Little Faces Apparel – Jennifer Durham is the owner of Little Faces Apparel, a clothing store for kids that is made up of pretty patterns and darling designs! Clothes are made from organic cotton, and all items are made to order. They have items for infants and toddlers, with a wide range for every age and size. From tops to bottoms (see photo), this shop will have your little one decked out in trendy threads!
    Little Faces Apparel on Facebook InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  18. Little Ones Chic Bowtique – This precious shop has quite the array of children’s hair bows, as well as bowties! They come in many different colors and designs, and are swell for any season of the year. (Pictured above are three of their Christmas bows!) The owner, Laura Dubfee, is a creative and crafty lady who puts care and time into each and every fun little bow! These adorable accessories make the perfect gift for any fashionable boy or girl, for any holiday or birthday!
    Little Ones Chic Bowtique on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
    holiday gift guide2015 3
  19. Little Rascals Shop – Mary Plancarte is the owner of this trendy shop, and was inspired by her three little boys. With her magnificent talent, she designs and carves all of the stamps herself, which are then stamped onto tanks and tees. These designs are permanent; they won’t wash off! Not only that, but they’re perfectly designed for all kinds of kids, from wild things (see photo!) to princesses and superheroes. There’s an endless chance for children to inspire and express while wearing these clever and cute garments.
    Little Rascals Shop on Instagram 
  20. The Bucking Mare – Looking for something a little more cowgirl-chic? Then The Bucking Mare is perfect for you! Tracy Nangle, the owner, is happy to promote wild and sassy accessories that match her wild and sassy customers. Her handmade, leather feather earrings (pictured above!) are the perfect accessory for any look, casual or formal. While their sister shop, Dirty Name Ranch & Saddlery, is mainly known for its one-of-a-kind leather items, The Bucking Mare has a wide array of funky items and accessories that make this shop an absolute rustic paradise!
    The Bucking Mare on FacebookInstagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  21. Puccoon Raccoon – This is the quaint shop of Jessica Goodenbury, a talented jewelry maker with a love for the small and intricate! She’s been a jeweler for 10 years and puts care and detail into each piece of jewelry. She makes many different styles of jewelry, from engagement rings to necklaces with adorable charms (like the unicorn charm pictured above!). Puccoon Raccoon is unique, friendly and fantastical, with jewelry that tells tales of all kinds!
    Puccoon Raccoon on Facebook Instagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  22. MyKookieJar – This shop is the creation of Karla Garcia, a talented stay-at-home mom of three. With a love for all things cute, colorful and pretty, Karla decided to make her own business, which is full of all of the above! Her button earrings (see photo above!) are absolutely darling, and come in pairs designed for all kinds of ensembles. Each earring is handcrafted to simple perfection!
    MyKookieJar on InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  23. Ed and Edith – Alison Stumpf is a wonderful artist with a knack for combining modern art with vintage styles! Her pieces are delightfully expressive and colorful, and can be personalized to fit the desires of the customer (see photo above!). Alison’s favorite media are watercolor, acrylic, ink, and her own brilliant imagination. She creates sweet, simple family portraits as well as vintage fashion ones, and there is no end to her artistic creativity.
    Ed and Edith on Instagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  24. Sophie’s Splendid Shop – This shop, as its linguistically lovely name suggests, was inspired by a little girl named Sophie. Whitney Blair’s, little girl, to be exact! Whitney, a stay-at-home mom, started off by making usable and fashionable bibs and bows for her daughter, and this shop was the product of her creativity. Now she makes an array of colorful knot bows (see photo above!) and bibs for all babies!
    Sophie’s Splendid Shop on FacebookInstagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  25. Ky.te Designs – Kym is the mastermind behind Ky.te Designs. Her two little boys inspired the creation of this wonderful shop! She noticed that there was a lack of trendy clothes for boys, so she decided to change that. Her shop is full of adorable fashion statements for both boys and girls, each with uniquely designed fabrics. Four of these fabrics are exclusive and original to the shop, creations of Kym herself! From rompers to beanies (see photo above), this trendy shop has got your cool kids covered!
    Ky.te Designs on Instagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  26. Kablooie Store – This artsy shop is the creation of Keneena Fanning, a talented woman who clearly has a love for pizazz! This shop is full of colorfully designed children clothes, such as skirts (see photo!) and shorts. Everything is handmade and designed with an explosion of color and creativity. The store truly lives up to its name, with an eclectic array of designs for princesses, adventurers and the like!
    Kablooie Store on FacebookInstagram – ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  27. Lookie Loo Loo – Erica Bizon is the proud owner of Lookie Loo Loo, a shop that places emphasis on fun, creativity and style. This shop has all kinds of clothing and accessories for little ones, and sometimes have some items for moms as well. Their t-shirt designs are clever but simple, sending messages of childhood, fun and learning (like the “A” Alphabet tee pictured above!). Every item is inspired by the colorful excitement of childhood and the dreams beyond.
    Lookie Loo Loo on FacebookInstagram
    holiday gift guide2015 4
  28. Tula Blue – This is a shop of tranquility and balance, and its creator is Heather Stringer, a woman who fashions jewelry that represents these qualities. Tula Blue started in Hawaii from Heather’s love of creating. The only thing she loves more than jewelry making is her children! And, as a mom who strives for balance and peace, she desires to inspire through her creations. Tula Blue jewelry ranges from bracelets to necklaces (pictured above!) and is made from waterproof Polynesian rope. With fine quality and an inspiring, tropical theme, this shop is sure to take you to paradise!
    Tula Blue on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  29. Grazie Mamma – This wonderful shop is the creation of Shannon and her sister Lara. These sisters live in different parts of the world, but are a truly dynamic duo with their shop! Grazie Mamma is made up of numerous timeless European designs laced with modern North American flair. Their designs can be formal and elegant (see photo!) or quaint and casual. This unique combination of culture and style makes for a delightful shop!
    Grazie Mamma on Instagram
  30. Ellie & James – Meghan Benson, whose children also influenced the creation of her shop, is the owner of Ellie & James! Her jewelry is decorated with sweet messages of faith and love, spreading positive outlook through her creations. She opened her shop originally to help support the adoption of her son, James. She loves telling her story, but she also enjoys telling other people’s stories through expressive jewelry. Aside from necklaces (see photo above!), her shop also contains a few clever and inspiring t-shirt designs and tote bags as well! There are many channels of inspiration to choose from in this delightful shop.
    Ellie & James on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  31. Ahoy Amigo – This fun shop is owned by Stacie Downs, who believes that kids should be allowed to be themselves and have fun! Playing pretend is one of the many themes conveyed within this shop. Another theme is kids just being themselves, as exemplified by their “Always Hungry” tee (pictured above!). All clothing and accessories are handmade in the USA, and are high quality. Their clothing inspires kids to be themselves and allow parents to feel confident in the quality of the pieces their children wear.
    Ahoy Amigo on FacebookInstagram
  32. Jossy’s Knitch – This shop is the creation of Josseline Corniel, a maker of the cute, unique and affordable! This shop carries all kinds of crocheted products, such as their adorable “Beary Beary Cowl” (pictured above!). From soft and cuddly to colorful and fashionable, Jossy’s Knitch has it all: Blankets, hats, sweaters, scarves, and many more for all ages, children to grown ups. This shop will definitely keep you and your littles warm this holiday season!
    Jossy’s Knitch on InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  33. Gods N Gladiators – This is the shop of the mighty talented Alexandros Hatzigiannidis, an artist who has the power to create all kinds of different designs for business and for fun. Gods N Gladiators is a street apparel label, an in-house custom screen print shop, and a graphic design studio all in one. Alexandros has been drawing for as long as he can remember, and is proud to present his shop for all those looking for fresh logo designs or art (see photo above!).
    Gods N Gladiators on FacebookInstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  34. Luci & Leavi – Roxanne Crawford, owner and creator of Luci & Leavi, was inspired by her two children, Luci and Leavitt, to create her shop! Through lots of experimenting and exploring, she was able to find the perfect material for her adorable, long-lasting pacifier clips (pictured above!). Not only are they super cute, but they’re super convenient and safe for babies too! This shop has an abundance of sweet and simply designed pacifier clips that are the perfect baby accessories.
    Luci & Leavi on FacebookInstagram ON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  35. Feltman & Co. – This is the clever little shop of Caitlin Feltman, handmaker of shirts for both babies and mommies! These graphic tees are smart, cool and trendy, with neat yet simplistic designs and styles. Caitlin takes cute and crafty and turns it into clever phrases and inspiring messages. There is quite an array of tees to choose from (see photo above!), with a little something special for Mom and her babes.
    Feltman & Co. on InstagramON SALE: Click here to shop now!
  36. Magnificent Mouse – This is the lovely shop of Sarah Rousselle, whose passion for beading was inspired by her mother and grandmother. She comes from an artistic family, where arts and crafts was a frequent activity. Having a true talent for beading, she fashions each piece of jewelry with love and care! This shop is full of lovely pieces, from anklets to pod earrings (pictured above!). Many of the items are made from upcycled materials, such as textiles, colorful beads, and glass pearls.
    Magnificent Mouse on FacebookInstagramClick here to shop now!
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Posted by on Apr 9, 2015 in Handmade, Handmade Makers, peg dolls, Shopping, sweet whimsy designs | 1 comment

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!

Why, yes, it is April! And no, I haven’t posted on the blog yet this year.

Why not, you ask?

Well, as per usual, I’ve been a little busy. A little busy with the kids, painting, homeschooling, painting, growing sweet whimsy designs, painting, traveling for sweet whimsy designs, painting…do you see a theme here?

I wanted to share the latest with you all so you can see for yourselves.

photo (40)

In March, I attended The Maker’s Summit in Greenville, SC. Not only was it an entirely magical experience, I learned a lot, too! I even shared some time with one of my oldest & dearest friends who we lodged with in a nearby town. I was fortunate to meet some of my newly-instated shop owner BFFs like Jen from Swanky Shank, Jennifer from Little Faces Apparel, Markie from MarleeRo, Elizabeth from The Magpie Co., Jessica from Opposite Of Far, Nikki from Southern Adoornments, Cristin from Cristin Rae, and Stacey from Bannor Toys and hang out with my in-person friends like Bethany from Busy B Boutique and Hayna from On Hand Lotions.

photo (41)

Why did I just list everyone & tag there shops, you ask?

I would like you to peruse their shops & see what wonderful handmade items they offer. There’s something for everyone!

photo (38)

The Maker’s Summit is really the perfect place for makers to meet, to listen and share, to bond and grow. There were some truly genius speakers and panels of creatives and as you can imagine the energy was pungent being all in one space. We thoroughly enjoyed and will be attending again next year for sure!



Photo copyright Indie Craft Parade 2015

Photo copyright Indie Craft Parade 2015

Beautiful Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper as a backdrop at Methodical Coffee in Greenville

Beautiful Rifle Paper Co. wallpaper as a backdrop at Methodical Coffee in Greenville

At the Summit, I also met & fell in love with Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte. Rachel is the guru of handmade awesomeness. She has raised the bar for makers across the universe. I am still elated that Rachel featured a post I created for Handmade Charlotte sharing our Peggheads family pegg dolls in a fun DIY post! Read all about how to Recreate Your Family as Custom Wooden Eggs!

photo (12)

Thanks to Rachel & her team of super fun creative people, the post was in turn featured on PopSugar soon after it went live. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Tune in tomorrow for another spectacular announcement as we celebrate the launch of our Monochrome Collection in the shop!

photo (42)

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{Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide 2014

{Handmade} Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The holidays are quickly approaching! We have been scouring social media over the last year to bring you the greatest in handmade this holiday season. When you shop handmade, you give directly to a shop owner, and there is no better way to spend your dollar than to keep artisans, designers, and creators in business. For this, we thank you. Without further ado, here is our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: A collection of unique, beautiful handmade creations brought to you by lovely small businesses across the Americas. Gift Guide 2014 No. 1 1. Tribe Is Alive – a husband-and-wife team who make screen-printed hip tees for your little ones. Their creations are inspired by music and their adorable daughter, Ollie. All tees are printed in their home which allows them to spend more time with their daughter. Our kids love to rock some of their lyric tees. You’ll find yourself singing the tunes every time you see one! Their Pretty Young Thing tee (pictured) is one of my faves. Facebook – Instagram

2. Moko & Co. – Moko and Company is a design company based in Charlotte, North Carolina specializing in screen printed fabrics, surface designs, welcome tote bags, and handmade products.  Moko and Co was founded by two sisters and their mother, Megan and Kristy (sisters) and Laurie (mother).  Their love for travel, trying new things, long walks with their camera’s, and doodling in the park have all influenced their designs.  Taking their inspirations and combining them with their design techniques has developed the handmade, original, Moko and Co design aesthetic. The Abigail Carryall (pictured, in grey) is a must-have!  FacebookInstagram

3. Freshly Picked – The leader of the moccs world is, has, and always will be Freshly Picked. Susan Petersen began making moccs out of her home in 2009. I know first-hand that these moccs are so durable, fit well, and are beautifully made. They stay put on little feet – an important feature & what many other baby/toddler shoes are lacking. Susan is a perfect example of how to make lemons into lemonade & create a very successful handmade business from the ground. We’re currently drooling over the Amour moccs (picutred). Facebook – Instagram

4. Bakery Charms – Bakery Charms is an independent jewelry store that specializes in realistically cute dessert charms for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more. Designed with fun and happiness in mind, every piece is made to order and meticulously crafted by hand out of polymer clay and other materials. All products are designed and sculpted by Jenn K. Lee, who fell in love with miniature foods as a child but only learned she could actually make them herself as an adult. Jenn lives in Hawaii with her husband and their two little girls. Some of our fun faves include Banana Split Sundae charm, the Rainbow Cake Slice and of course the Gingerbread Cake Pop charm (all pictured). FacebookInstagram

5. sweet whimsy designs – Can we talk about me for a minute? I’m Leandra Sweet, owner and sole creator at sweet whimsy designs where I create playable art for children of all ages. I began this little work-from-home biz in 2009 in an attempt to stay home to raise our children. Fortunately, hand-painted peg dolls are finding their way into hands across the world and for that I am extremely grateful. Each and every piece is created with intricate, detailed love by myself and my brand new assistant and friend, Becky. A popular favorite this time of year – our Custom Family peg doll sets (pictured). Facebook Instagram

6. Loved By Hannah And Eli Sarah Duncan, the fun and creative mind behind Loved By Hannah And Eli, lives in sunny California with her little ones, Hannah and Eli! She states that all designs and concepts are inspired by the hearts of her children, their imagination, and their adventures together. Sarah is so grateful for the support she and her team of hard-working Moms receive and loves to give back to the greater good. Currently, we’re crushing on the Country Floral Mama Bear Hoodie (pictured). Instagram

7. Carken Design – Here you will find beautiful handmade things for you, your loved ones, and your home. Owner Carly Kenney loves to sew for her littles and herself, but admits that creating anything is what she truly loves. As you peruse through Carken Design’s shop, you will see such fun and colorful quilts, skirts, leggings and stuffed elephants, you’ll have trouble deciding which gift to choose! We adore the Stuffed Elephants (pictured, in pink polka & gray/white stripe). FacebookInstagram

8. Leila’s Flower Garden Owner Marwa Diaz’ daughter loves flowers; unfortunately she is not known for her green thumb. Despite her botanical shortcomings, she decided to make her daughter some flowers. The end result was a beautiful indoor garden on her bedroom wall that requires no watering. The best part is the flowers are always in bloom, and Marwa can’t kill them. Each set of wallflowers is unique – we are enamored by the Wall Decals in her shop (pictured)! FacebookInstagram

9.  lovelane designs I am totally and utterly in love with everything about Love Lane Designs. The products, the website, the Insta-feed…the entire experience is fun and wonderful! Owner and designer Lane Huerta ventured into screen-printing while mentoring with a graphic designer and poster artist in San Francisco. lovelane is committed to sustainability and “upcycling” by creating tea towels, totes and reusable produce bags, as well as full line of luxury home goods made with eco-friendly, water-based inks and dyes on organic and regional materials. She also prints on vintage fabrics finds from flea markets around the world. It would be a challenge not to fall in love with any of the Superhero Sets, including the Flying Superhero Set (pictured, in pink). FacebookInstagram

GG 2014 NO.2

 10. Bluebonnet Touches  – Brand-spanking-new to the handmade world, Bluebonnet Touches opened their Etsy shop in September of 2014 and has been growing quickly! Owner Ashley Nasburg creates original wooden travel maps and other wall art using reclaimed wood. Bluebonnet Touches has recently launched an equally unique collection of glass-domed necklaces that can be personalized with your loved one’s handwriting to always keep them close to your heart (pictured). We think that’s a beautiful way to bring your loved ones near. FacebookInstagram

11. Hemmed In –  Wendy Valderrama, owner and creator, believes little girls should be little girls. She wants them to be dressed adorably, and appropriately with clothes that let them do what they do best: twirl, run, climb, play and dance! I agree!! She designs & hand-makes items such as skirts, dresses, totes, and car canopies that are fashion-forward, age-appropriate, and childhood-friendly for active little ladies. Every piece is constructed with professional quality that lasts. We find everything in the shop to have such a fun twist on the modern little girl. We really love the 50’s-inspired full-skirted Aprons (pictured, in ‘Baking Tools’) – where fashion meets function! FacebookInstagram

12. Max + Moose – Max + Moose was created by a whirlwind of ideas. They made a sheet for the crib out of the bamboo fabric and immediately fell in love with the soft and luxurious feel of the fabric. They also were trying to figure out a more convenient way for nursing covers on-the-go. After several trial creations, co-owners Alyssa and Brenda had an “ah-ha” moment! Mamas are always carrying around a lightweight blanket with them, so why not give it a dual purpose?! That’s when the Nursing Blanket came to life. From there we created a baby line with organic bamboo and organic cotton blankets, crib sheets, and nursing blankets. Plus, Max + Moose gives back : a percentage of each sale is donated to a charitable cause. The textiles in the shop are so yummy; we are gaga for the ‘Raindrops’ Nursing Blanket (pictured, with ‘Bridge Stripe’). Facebook Instagram

13. Mommy & Baby Too – Owner Marcy Martin of Mommy & Baby Too is a stay-at-home Mom looking to share her handmade life with other Moms. The shop is full of crocheted & sewn items for babies and toddlers. Hats and bonnets, teethers and accessories – you’ll find great gifts for little ones in this one-stop shop. Marcy can customize creations for you as well – simply contact her to discuss ideas. The Baby Pixie Bonnet (pictured, in ‘Dusty Rose’) will have your little munchkin warm & cozy and even more adorable! Instagram

14. Lynnburg Lane Soap Co. –  Lynnburg Lane proudly creates handcrafted cold process soap bars and 100% natural skincare products that are beneficial to your body and the environment. Promoting healthy choices for individuals and families – including mama and baby – every product is Non-Toxic. Owner Amber creates products that are fragrance free, paraben free, phthalate free, sulfate free, and free of chemicals, synthetic preservatives, colorants, dyes, and synthetic perfumes. Their handcrafted recipes are made of plant and vegetable based ingredients, with only natural growing plant based preservatives and antibacterials. Handcrafted in small batches, each product is made to order with sustainable, high quality and organic materials to guarantee quality and freshness. We adore their gift sets (pictured, bar soap set) with tidy packaging ready to give. FacebookInstagram

15. Vivie & Ash – A shop loaded with fun and hip children’s clothing, Vivie & Ash’s owner, Sara, uses scrumptious organic cottons to create her designs. The beautiful collections are bursting with gorgeous colorways. You’ll find the trendiest leggings, dresses, and headbands in the shop ready to dress your stylin’ little one to the nines. Grab some organic cotton leggings, like the Tribal Ikat Leggings (pictured), to add a touch of awesome to your little one’s wardrobe or as a gift for a lovely little friend. Only one warning: you’ll want a pair of your own. FacebookInstagram

16. Foiled Prints – Foiled Prints was born when owner Ashley was encouraged to share her passion to create with others! She realized there were plenty of other people out there who loved filling their homes with encouraging reminders for their families to read- most people enjoyed that daily dose of inspiration! Ashley decided what better way to do what she loves (and not completely cover her own walls) than to share it with the public through her prints. Ashley is Mom to two super cute kids and the wife of an awesome and supportive husband. You’ll love Foiled Prints Oh Happy Day print (pictured) along with every other pretty metallic-foiled print in the shop! FacebookInstagram

17. Pretend With Poppins Pretend With Poppins is owned by the creative Nia Box who  started her shop because she wanted to combine her love of art and creating with her love of working with children. Everything in the shop has been inspired by all the dramatic play Nia had in her classrooms or with the kids she cared for as a Nanny. Pretend With Poppins is based on the belief that learning through play and imagination is one of the most important things in childhood and really hopes to captivate that in every item in the shop. We love everything, of course, especially the Arctic Bunny Plushes (pictured). Surely the little people in your life will love them, too! FacebookInstagram

18. Wake Me Up Designs – Wake Me Up Designs started out as a handwritten mug shop because of owner Sarah Kil’s love for coffee and coffee mugs. They quickly branched out to apparel. Most of the designs are inspired by Sarah’s daughter, her love for coffee, and really just everyday shenanigans!! There are many whimsical designs in the shop at any given time, including the Mommy’s Coffee Date tee (pictured). Who doesn’t love a little side kick?! FacebookInstagram

GG 2014 No.3

19. Baroque Garden by Glenna Curren – Glenna Curren is a cellist, teacher, and visual artist. Glenna’s love of nature is reflected throughout her work. She finds much of her inspiration in the rural landscapes and rustic architecture of Northern and Eastern Europe, Upstate New York and Vermont, as well as in nostalgic memories of childhood, home, and family. Seeking to study both the forest and the trees, Glenna enjoys the contrast between portraying a simple landscape in order to illuminate one of nature’s particular moods, and capturing the subtle details, revealing something special that might have gone unnoticed. Enamored with tiny treasures, she loves to work within the scale of a postage stamp: the bulk of her work is within two square inches in size. Glenna is a pure and true artisan who is passionate about her art and music. Feast your eyes on her Shadowbox Pendants (pictured) – incredibly delicate works of art! FacebookInstagram

20. Lumina Candle Co–  Lumina Candle Co. opened just this year with a fresh approach to lighting. Owner Sarah Thomsen found challenges along the way but has settled nicely into her new role as shop owner alongside her stay-at-home Mommy status. Certainly you’ll wish you had smell-o-vision to grab hold of the scents in Lumina’s natural soy candles. It is obvious that Sarah is passionate about what she does & that shows in her product. Be sure to check out their Holiday Collection (pictured) – Cranberry Creme Brulee is out of this world!      FacebookInstagram

21. Le Pepin – Rizabhel M. is the creative mind behind Le Pepin where she creates handmade infinity scarves and skirts for little ones to adorn. The textiles Rizabhel chooses are delightful in every way. They look great on the hanger but even more adorable on a tot! Le Pepin even has fabric remnant sales from time to time. We are fond of the Happy Holiday Infinity Scarf (pictured) but would be happy with any of her stylish clothing under the tree this year. Instagram

22. Tubby Todd Bath Co. – Made with 100% natural ingredients that is also BPA-free, Tubby Todd soap is entering the market at just the right time. Andrea Williams is the owner & mixmaster at Tubby Todd who believes that bath time provides the best case scenario for parenting: good, clean, fun. What’s not to love about a squeaky clean baby?! We are delighted to try the Love Lake Lavender Wash (pictured) and think you will be, too! FacebookInstagram

23. Pine Tree Designs / Fairport Pharmacy – Step into Fairport Pharmacy in a quaint canal town in Upstate NY and you’ll find the works of many local artisans headed by the fantabulous Stefani Tadio. Stefani brings the community together in many ways, including at the Fairport Pharmacy. You can feast your eyes on her own intricate creations from Pine Tree Designs where she hand-stitches original designs on paper. Stefani is a true artisan for life and it shows in every stitch of her work. Visit the Fairport Pharmacy if you’re ever in the area & stand in awe at the amazing art from the people of the area. Every home needs a hand-stitched Star this holiday (pictured). FacebookInstagram

24. Lookie Loo Loo – One chat with Erica Bizon, owner of Lookie Loo Loo, and you’ll see why her handmade goodies are so much fun! Stop in her shop and you’ll find tons of little clothing such as leggings, shorts, tees, and skirts as well as cute and stylin’ accessories. Custom orders are always welcome at Lookie Loo Loo, just give Erica a holler! We want to cozy up to the Campfires & Marshmallows Tee (pictured) during those cold winter nights. In this industry, there’s not much better than a shop with a sense of humor. We appreciate that about you, Erica! FacebookInstagram

25. The Little Miss Shop The Little Miss Shop makes handmade accessories for your little miss & company. Owner Leeana is the Mother of 2 based in Miami sewing her heart out to bring you the most fashionable accessories to embellish your little love. The mountains of different fabric for headbands and wraps are undeniably cute. We are loving the new Fair Isle Infinity Scarf Line with coordinating Andee Band (pictured). Spice it up! Instagram

26. Gal-Pals – You won’t be able to resist the adorableness that is Gal-Pals, particularly if you have a fashion-conscious babe in your life. Gal-Pal owner Aesoon finds she is most alive when making things with her hands and loves to spark the imaginative spirit in children. She has brought this belief to life through her incredible collection of playable softie dolls and toys. We are ooh-ing and aah-ing over Deborah, a stylishly witty fabric rag doll (pictured) currently in the Gal-Pal shop. Delight your child this year and surprise her/him with a Gal-Pal! Instagram

27. My Kookie Jar – Owner Karla Garcia is a stay-at-home momma to three beautiful children who loves pretty things that make you smile mixed together with colors that make your heart happy. The concept behind her exciting shop radiates though the fun and whimsical earrings, hair accessories and other collections Karla offers. Plentiful in holiday collections, My Kookie Jar can equip you with the accessories you need to make it through the holiday season. Choose from a variety of holiday fabric covered earrings and hairpins (pictured) now available in the shop. Instagram

GG 2014 No.4

28. Christine & Co. Design – My fun & crafty friend, Christine, is always finding ways to introduce new designs to her ever-growing shop, Christine & Co. Design. I love her motto – that we each have a singular sense of style & she makes the jewelry to match it! Most of her glass pendant necklaces are created using acrylic paints, Japanese washi tapes, and alcohol inks, so you can rest assured that each design will be completely unique. Christine makes her jewelry with a finely-tuned eye and steady hand. Our holiday must-haves from Christine & Co. Design include her Birthstone Sparkle Small & Sweet Glass Mini Pendants (pictured). Ooh, glitter and glam! FacebookInstagram

29. Tumbleweeds Handcraft – One of the first shops I followed on Instagram when I joined years ago was Tumbleweeds HC and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m fascinated by the process in which they create their wood veneer sunglasses, or as they put it, handcrafted goods for exceptional humans. The end result is a stellar, one-of-a-kind product that you’ll have for years to come. They’ve recently added home goods and apparel to their shop, just in time for some fine holiday shopping. Our favorite, favorite (if we had to choose) would be the Confetti collection (pictured). Very unique and highly original, completely handmade. Tumbleweeds HC rocks the optical house. FacebookInstagram

30. Gracie Lou Boutique – Being a part of the handmade community in the social media world means I get to virtually “meet” lovely by-hand creators such as Anna Carlson of Gracie Lou Boutique. Anna puts together some of the sweetest hair accessories for little girls. Choose from hair ties, bands, bows, clips and more! There will always be the proper color palette for any given holiday so your sweetie is sure to coordinate. Treat your little love to a Floral headband or hair clip (pictured) or browse the shop for plenty of other cute ideas. Happy Shopping! FacebookInstagram

31. Little Faces Apparel – If you’ve been searching for the perfect slouch beanie with leggings and accessories to match, look no further than Little Faces Apparel. With slick, punny tees and vibrant, colorful patterned leggings, your little fashionista will be sure to stand out in a crowd. Owner and stylist Jennifer Durham has got you covered, literally. (At least your children.) We have so much fun searching through Little Faces’ collection. My only wish is that they made a line for grown-ups! We like the Moose leggings to sport during the impending winter months. Stylin’. FacebookInstagram

32. Bannor Toys – Stacey Bannor and her husband Jesse are the masterminds behind the shop Bannor Toys. Even after several years of business with much success, each wooden heirloom toy is still handcrafted one at a time. With a family of five to support, Stacey somehow finds the time to avoid mass production and continue to create toys that are fun, safe, and creative. We are crazy for the State Rattles (pictured, New York represent!) which can be personalized with name and birth stats like any other wooden toy in the shop. In other words, the perfect gift. FacebookInstagram

33. Ahoy Amigo – Ahoy Amigo is about making modern tees for the modern kid. Owner Stacie Downs confesses, what started as a quest to find rad tees for her daughter turned into a new adventure. Stacie personally designs and hand-pulls each tee with water-based ink. Ahoy Amigo strives for comfort for your kid and states they never make anything they wouldn’t wear themselves. The Always Hungry tee (pictured)? Perfection for the little piggy in your life. Ahoy! FacebookInstagram

34. Better Life Bags – Owner and Designer Rebecca sews and sells bags with the intention and desire that each bag would make lives better. Since opening in 2009, Better Life hires women from a Detroit community known as Hamtramck, who otherwise could not work, to work for them.  They pay their employees a living wage (20-25% of the total retail price) and watch them gain dignity, honor, and respect. Rebecca’s designs are impeccable – using a mix of fabric and leathers, she creates works of art otherwise known as handbags. Don’t see something you like? Tap into your own creative roots and design a custom bag like the Brynnda (pictured)! (Custom orders are available until 11/28/14.) FacebookInstagram

35. On Hand Lotions – Fortunately for me, I have another friend in Hayna Weems, the Mover-and-Shaker/Owner of On Hand Lotions. Hayna mixes some amazingly yummy organic lotion bars, balms, and seasonal items to help heal and moisturize your hard-working skin. She opened On Hand Lotions just this year and is flying her business to new heights, always creating new concoctions with only the finest ingredients. When Hayna isn’t moonlighting with the biz, she’s tending to her husband and three lovely children. We love, love, love the Glitter Star Lotion Bar (pictured) for a little extra shimmer this holiday season. FacebookInstagram

36. Brave Sunday – Something that sparkles, something that shines – if that isn’t Jillian Halvorsen’s motto for her shop, Brave Sunday, it should be! Jill’s wire-wrapped jewelry line will have your friends and family pea-green with envy. The pieces are uniquely wonderful with just a touch of fun. Visit Brave Sunday and you will find bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in many metals adorned with colorful stones. Jill is thoughtful in her well-made designs fit for a queen. Try rocking the Wire Wrapped Oval Earrings in Cobalt (pictured) for your next party & see how many head-turns you receive. FacebookInstagram

GG 2014 No.5


37. Sunshine On WaterWhen we met while vending at art show together last year, I could see that Betsy Murray has a knack for handmade jewelry. Her shop, Sunshine On Water, is plentiful in beautifully designed jewels. Betsy’s creations are modern and slick yet with a classical twist. You’ll find her sterling silver necklaces, bracelets and rings wrap and twist into lovely forms ranging from letters and words to animals and creatures to symbols and shapes. Clearly the possibilities are endless, and if you don’t see it in the shop, Betsy can design something custom for you. I think it’s time to have one of our very own Silver Initial Necklaces (pictured). A ‘C’ for Christmas, perhaps? Facebook Instagram

38. My Sweet Merrimint – Adrienne Hipple’s shop, My Sweet Merrimint, contains handmade quilts and other baby goodness. Adrienne has a supreme eye for color – her quilts are stunning and brightly colored in sweet combinations appealing to both babies and adults alike. Beyond quilts, you’ll see crib sheets and burp cloths alongside tooth fairy pillows and blankets in the shop. My Sweet Merrimint is so lovely for your growing children but will become heirlooms for your grandchildren and even great-grandchildren to enjoy. We want to be wrapped up in the Indian Summer Triangle Quilt (pictured), or at least snuggle next to it for a bit. FacebookInstagram

39. Kismet Love Collection – Founder and CEO of Kismet Love Collection, Shelly is a busy Mama with a need for nursing cover in order to breastfeed her newborn son in public. She stumbled upon the clever idea of a Nursing Scarf when she realized an accessory could have a functional purpose. That is when Kismet Love Collection was founded, and now Shelly vows that each nursing scarf is made with care and love for you and your little one. There are a plethora of fabric choices to select, we think the Pretty Plaid in Green & Blue Nursing Scarf (pictured) will nurse you through the upcoming months. Wouldn’t you agree? Facebook Instagram

40. Molly’s Chic Boutique – Molly’s Chic Boutique is definitively a chic boutique for your little hipster. Owner Allie Sims is a Mommy to a beautiful little girl who has inspired her to take a hobby and turn it into a shop. With everything from monthly stickers and invitations to apparel, Molly’s Chic Boutique is sure to please even the most stylish tot. Choose from a vast variety of colorful options or contact Allie to customize something just for you! We are all about the Monthly Tribe Stickers, Love My Tribe and Run Wild & Free Tees (all pictured). Something for baby, something for Mom all in one shop! Facebook Instagram

41. Mommy & Miles – Mommy & Miles is the perfect shop to order custom birthday and special event invitations. We had the pleasure of having customized invitations for our oldest daughter’s recent birthday designed by Kimberly Roller, owner of Mommy & Miles. Kimberly has a knack for graphic design and creates custom pieces quickly and efficiently. Birthday invites are a breeze with Mommy & Miles (pictured). Why not reach out to Mommy & Miles to design your holiday card this year? FacebookInstagram

42. Little Pretties  – “Yes, Please!” That is what I said when I first caught a glimpse of Little Pretties little jewelry for Mamas and their little girls. Sweet & tiny beads make up the collections in Allie Cooper’s shop. Little Pretties handcrafted jewelry would make a great gift for that hard-to-shop-for woman or girl in your life. I’m sure Allie would be thrilled to take your custom request to create something completely unique for that special someone. I think a matching set sounds good, or perhaps the Molten Gold Bracelet (pictured) would look nice perched atop your wrist?  FacebookInstagram

43. Lucends – Custom designed fabrics and shapes make up Lucinda’s shop, Lucends. She begins the creation process from scratch, working with a designer to create one-of-a-kind textiles then whips those fabrics into clean-cut designer bags. Lucends branched out this year to include pillows with inspirational quotes in trendy designs. Women can never have too many handbags and Lucends is an original shop to expand your collection. We are snuggling up to the Clear Eyes Full Hearts pillow (pictured) but will always be a fan of Lucends’ colorful clutches. FacebookInstagram

44. The Faded Wildflower – How adorable are the custom crocheted cuties filling the shop of The Faded Wildflower? Rachel Holland enjoys crocheting completely custom orders just for you or always items ready to ship in the shop. Rachel is the sweet Mama and Wife behind the needle at The Faded Wildflower guaranteed to loop some fun into your little ones lives. The Solar System Play Set (pictured) is a hot item & would be the perfect stocking stuffer and a healthy alternative to sugary treats! FacebookInstagram 

45. Honey Bee True Co. – Fun & witty just don’t cut it when we’re talking about Honey Bee True Co. custom clothing and prints. Sisters Nicole & Heather, co-owners of Honey Bee True Co., make each garment one at a time, the way you order it. With so many colors and options available, the creative process is up to you! We are crushing on the Forever Trust In Who You Are tee (pictured). A great message for all! FacebookInstagram

GG 2014 No. 6

46. Shop & Apparel – Owner & Designer of & Apparel, Andrea Updike, takes inspiration from the saying “Expect the unexpected”. Throughout each collection you will find unexpected combinations like fancy embroidered detail on everyday essentials, preppy nautical & punny phrases, neutrals mixed with neons, basic stripes & lovely lacy, & vintage vibes with nouveau trends. We are head-over-heels for the jewelry line & NEED the any one of the various colorful Statement Necklaces (pictured). Treat yourself! FacebookInstagram

47. Simply Love Creations – This tidy little print shop is womanned by the lovely Crystal Johnson. Crystal loves creating prints for the home including baby’s nursery. She is constantly finding inspiration in day-to-day life for you to enjoy happiness in your home. Allow Simply Love Creations to create something just for you by requesting a custom piece of artwork. Every little superhero needs the gentle reminder of the Superhero Bathroom Prints (pictured). So much FUN! FacebookInstagram 

48. Tink & Key – Owner Stephanie of Tink & Key drew inspiration for “Miracle Baby” from her second son Trent. He was born with Tetralogy of Fallot. It was not diagnosed until his 5week checkup and we could have lost him anytime before that. He’s truly a Miracle Baby. Stephanie loves to share some encouraging words through their collection of children’s apparel. Each shirt has significant meaning to Stephanie and her family. Through these shirts Tink & Key would like to share how they have found hope during the storms and have been lifted up through these familiar verses and songs. The Heart And Soul tee (pictured) is a winner! Tink & Key is such an inspirational handmade shop! FacebookInstagram

49. KiraArts – If I didn’t find Kira Arts at a local craft show last year, my kids surely would have. It’s hard to miss Owner Kira Sinclair’s whimsical and colorful setting at a show. Full of fun and imagination, Kira’s shop is popping at the brim with hand-stitched sweater monsters (the friendly kind), owls, and her popular, super kid-friendly Nubbins. Kira Arts creates each creature with recycled sweaters and super cozy fleece. They’re easy to love – I’ve seen kids beg for these lovable one-of-a-kind monsters first-hand. We are sly over the Fox Nubbin in his Handsome Plaid (pictured). A stocking-stuffer DO! FacebookInstagram

50. Hungerford 318 – Nestled within the walls of the Hungerford Building, a hip and special place many Rochester, NY artisans call home, is Hungerford 318. This collaborative space features the works of local artists Mary Terziani Glass, L Prince Designs, Stefani Tadio, JK Stitches, and Tom Zachman Glass. Consider Hungerford 318 the place for all you holiday shopping desires. FacebookInstagram

51. Emerson & Oliver – Laura & Mary are the creative designers behind the hip jewelry line Emerson & Oliver. They have made their imprint on the jewelry world with their fabulous collections of every day silver and gold creations. Their story stems from their children, you guessed it, Emerson & Oliver. As their littles grow, they introduce new and exciting masterpieces for women to spoil themselves with. You can’t call it arm candy if it’s not embellished with DIA bracelets (pictured). Add a charm or three to personalize these sassy bangles. Happy Holidays! FacebookInstagram

52. Shared Joy – Little girls may find this shop for it’s collection of headbands, but they’ll love it for the creative comfort and style Shared Joy’s designs bring to the kid fashion world. Jennifer Broadway started Shared Joy around two years ago out of  inspiration from the birth of her daughter, Emma. Now the mother of two sweet girls, Jennifer has no problem introducing darling new additions to the shop. Sweet just doesn’t cut it – the tiny bows found in her shop are delectable! You’ll find the Red & Gold Dot Jersey Knit Headband (pictured) a dazzling addition to your holiday fun! Ho Ho Ho! FacebookInstagram

53. Yumme Designs – Sweet body gems by Basia brings you Yumme Designs – a vast collection of healing amber, bridal headwear and jewelry, beach footwear, prayer beads, & unisex jewels. You will feel the healing powers behind the bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Yumme Designs utilizes colorful, shapely stones to mesh fashion together with function. The Amber Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces (pictured) make a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Give the gift of healing! FacebookInstagram

54. Baby Face Boutique – Caylee Williams is a first-time Mom who began Baby Face Boutique out of the love for doing things with her hands. She wanted to create fun and exciting new clothing for her little girl, Taylor, out of the textiles and fabrics she has collected over the years. Baby Face Boutique designs patterns from scratch and handmade 100% by Caylee. The diverse collection of leggings (pictured) has to be some of our favorites from the shop. Snazzy! FacebookInstagram


This lovely collection of shop owners thinking outside the box are finding ways to earn a living without straying too far from home. I commend each and every one of these hard-working individuals! Support small businesses by liking their pages on Facebook, following their shops on Instagram and making purchases from their shops this holiday season and throughout the year.

Visit sweet whimsy designs on Instagram on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014 at 2pm EST through Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 2pm EST for a HUGE giveaway featuring over 50 handmade shops and other small business owners! Over 50 prizes = over 50 winners! 

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On Hand Lotions: Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

On Hand Lotions: Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*


If you were to meet Hayna Weems, Owner and Mixologist Extraordinaire of On Hand Lotions, you would immediately feel the passion she carries for all things natural. A homeschooling mother to three and wife to one, Mrs. Weems sure knows how to keep herself busy. If she’s not outdoors engaging in free play with her little ones, you can be assured she’s in the kitchen either making her family a healthy home-cooked meal or whipping up a batch of fresh lotion bars or lip balms. Everything in her shop is made by her two hands – EVERYTHING – which means On Hand Lotions is completely independent. On top of that, Hayna uses all natural ingredients. The list is so long I couldn’t even begin to tell you (so read more about it HERE). What I can tell you is how much you’ll enjoy using anything and everything made by Hayna’s two hands. I know firsthand how busy she is making these lotions and potions through all hours of the night while maintaining her at-home Mom status. There’s no denying how great these products are. On Hand Lotions is growing by leaps and bounds and I am beyond thrilled to share this beautiful self-started handmade business with the world.



I have tried many of the products offered by On Hand Lotions. Not only do they all smell GREAT, they all nourish and cleanse and protect and heal so well! I have so many favorites, I’ll have to break it down for you by product. The lip balm is scrumptious. If I absolutely had to choose one flavor over another, it would have to be jojoba mint. It has a little tingle to it which makes me feel like there is a healing quality. It’s really the perfect lip balm for harsh winters like we have here in Upstate/Western New York but I’ve even been using it during our humid summer for a little refreshing lip blast. (Is that even a thing?!) If you’re like me and you can’t decide, splurge for a three-pack.


I’ve been a fan of name-brand facial moisturizers my whole adult life so it took me a little convincing to test anything for my face. I’ve recently tried the Thirsty-Face Moisturizing Serum and I must admit it’s quite lovely. The scent alone is beautiful! The result is a smooth, moisturized skin yet oil-free and with a nice, clean feel. I use it when I’m on the go – just a few drops go a long way!

We cannot forget about the Lotion Bars: the reason On Hand Lotions exists! Whether you have your ‘hands on’ the lemongrass, the four thieves, the cocoa, lemon tart or lavender, your body will thank you. The bars melt into your hands leaving them soft and silky. They last forever! We are still using the same bar from the beginning of spring with plenty to spare.



Keep in mind this neat idea for custom wedding or party favors: Organic Lotion Bars in a cute hinged tin with custom labels!

Let’s talk summer must-haves! Firstly, my little gingers cannot spend more than five minutes in the sun without getting scorched. Enter Sun’s Up! Sunscreen. It’s made with zinc oxide which is simply the best sunblock around with an SPF of 35 or more. We like that it doesn’t leave a white cast that other sunscreens may – a smooth application makes for less time prepping to play outside. On Hand has your solution to those buggy nights. Bugscreen Insect Repellent works better to prevent insect bites than any other product I’ve tried. Our “Sweet” family spends countless hours by the lake during the summer, often in the evening when those dang mosquitoes want nothing more than to eat me alive. This spray may take some getting used to scent-wise, according to some of our younger family members, but it is well worth it! (Imagine a freshly-tossed salad thanks to the apple cider vinegar used in the ingredients.) Believe me when I say that even though this is the least pleasant smelling product offered by On Hand, it’s still waaaaaay better than the other toxic bug sprays you’ll find on the market.

On Hand Lotions is owned and operated by a wonderful woman. She puts so much love and passion into her work. Her knowledge of her products is extensive. She even goes to the great lengths of brewing her own vinegar from her own apples for the bugscreen and infusing her own almond oil with calendula blossoms and chamomile flowers to use in the Thirsty-Face. Small business practices such as these won’t be seen by large companies who mass produce skin care products.  Hayna just needs to find a way to bottle her spirit to share with us all. I think that would make the shop complete. 🙂


On Hand Lotions would like to share an opportunity to WIN a basket full of skin care goodies! Just in time to grab onto those last moments of summer, the Summer Adventure Pack will include:

-one (1) 4 oz. bottle Bugscreen Organic Repellent

-one (1) Sun’s Up! Scent-Free Organic Suncreen Stick

-one (1) White Chocolate Organic Lip Balm

-one (1) Lemongrass Organic Lotion Bar, medium size, in tin

(a $49 value)



a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are plenty of new products coming this fall, so be sure to stay on the lookout by following On Hand Lotions on Facebook, on Instagram or on the Etsy shop. If only there were smell-o-vision…

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One will receive one (1) Summer Adventure Pack from On Hand Lotions (a $49 value). Contest begins August 7, 2014 at 12:00am and ends August 14th, 2014 at 12:00am and is open to US residents only. Winner will be announced Friday, August 15th, 2014 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook & Instagram pages. Winning prize will be shipped to any of the 50 US States. Entries will be verified.

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This Is Homeschool: Gingerbread Crayons

This Is Homeschool: Gingerbread Crayons

It’s snowy and cold. Winter is here, and so are the holidays…in full force!

As busy as I’ve been, I always try to make time to craft with the kids. For the past several years, we have collected broken crayons from our home, restaurants, etc. We just hold onto them to make our own crayons!

I found a fairly inexpensive gingerbread crayon mold at Hobby Lobby last week (it was 50% off) for a total of about $4.

The kids love to peel stuff (it’s a gene, I swear), so we got to work stripping the crayons. This takes a while, but with a little Christmas music & storytelling, we passed the time fairly easily.

Speaking of time, we’ve been learning about the passage of time – how long is a minute, an hour, a day. We guessed how long it would take to melt the crayons in the toaster oven. We didn’t get too scientific, rather we kept it simple. Each child guessed & Marsden came the closest! Then we did the same for guessing how long it would take for the crayons to cool. Tavia was closest this time.

A fun and pretty time consuming activity – with lots of play time in between!

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Tiny Chaos – Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Tiny Chaos – Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

I’ve fallen in love. I simply adore bow ties, especially on little boys. Our own little man also simply adores wearing bow ties. He thinks they’re handsome, and so do we.
Bowtie by Tiny Chaos, Photo copyright Jessica LK Photography 2013

Bowtie by Tiny Chaos, Photo copyright Jessica LK Photography 2013

The best place, the only place to find super adorable toddler bow ties is Tiny Chaos.
tiny chaos silk plaid
Natalie Carter is the creative mind behind some really handsome handmade bow ties and hair bows at Tiny Chaos. I found her on Instagram, though she also has a Facebook page and shop on Etsy. Tiny Chaos is so good about posting photos of her latest bow creations, and even better – she has flash sales often!
tiny chaos holiday headband
I love that Tiny Chaos puts together color combinations, textures, and patterns that are unexpected, yet they are always beautiful and unique. Her holiday collection is spot on with both classic styles & modern looks. Every little guy needs a Tiny Chaos bow tie in his stocking this year…but why wait?! Take advantage of her Black Friday weekend sale – many of the shop’s listings are marked down plus free shipping on all domestic orders over $10.00 until 12/25 with the code ’10FREESHIP’!! How much do you love these bows?!
tiny chaos polka dot
tiny chaos pink headband
tiny chaos glitter headband
Natalie is so easy and fun to work with. Shipping is very fast & those darling little bow ties and headbands come packaged very nicely. It makes a good gift or a perfect accessory for your holiday photo shoot! (And keep in mind she can make matching Father/Son bow ties, even sister headbands to match!) Tiny Chaos was gracious enough to supply our mini man with a special celebratory bow tie for The Big Carnival Bash!
Bowtie by Tiny Chaos Photo copyright Pamela Rayburn Photography 2013

Bowtie by Tiny Chaos
Photo copyright Pamela Rayburn Photography 2013

We have decided to be sure to have a Tiny Chaos bow tie for every occasion now through college graduation! How can you resist?!
Tiny Chaos is giving away a handsome bow tie to one lucky winner!
tiny chaos giveaway 2


You could and you should win this handsome fall gingham bow tie! Simply just click the link above & be on your merry way.

tiny chaos giveaway 1
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One will receive one (1) Fall Gingham Bow tie by Tiny Chaos (a $14 value). Contest begins November 30, 2013 at 12:00am and ends December 7, 2013 at 12:00am. Winner will be announced Saturday, December 7, 2013 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook page. Prize will be shipped to any of the 48 contingent U.S. States within one to two weeks of winner announcement. Entries will be verified.
Thank you to Pamela Rayburn Photography & Jessica LK Photography for providing their beautiful photographs. Rochester, NY & Finger Lakes-area friends, keep them in mind when looking for superb photography!
Full disclosure: Tiny Chaos provided me with a bow tie to review to be able to write this post. I have not been compensated in any other way to feature Tiny Chaos in this post. It was completely my own doing, simply a collaboration, and I hope you never thought otherwise, even for a second :).
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