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Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Giveaways, Handmade, On Hand Lotions, Skin Care, Uncategorized | 5 comments

On Hand Lotions: Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

On Hand Lotions: Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*


If you were to meet Hayna Weems, Owner and Mixologist Extraordinaire of On Hand Lotions, you would immediately feel the passion she carries for all things natural. A homeschooling mother to three and wife to one, Mrs. Weems sure knows how to keep herself busy. If she’s not outdoors engaging in free play with her little ones, you can be assured she’s in the kitchen either making her family a healthy home-cooked meal or whipping up a batch of fresh lotion bars or lip balms. Everything in her shop is made by her two hands – EVERYTHING – which means On Hand Lotions is completely independent. On top of that, Hayna uses all natural ingredients. The list is so long I couldn’t even begin to tell you (so read more about it HERE). What I can tell you is how much you’ll enjoy using anything and everything made by Hayna’s two hands. I know firsthand how busy she is making these lotions and potions through all hours of the night while maintaining her at-home Mom status. There’s no denying how great these products are. On Hand Lotions is growing by leaps and bounds and I am beyond thrilled to share this beautiful self-started handmade business with the world.



I have tried many of the products offered by On Hand Lotions. Not only do they all smell GREAT, they all nourish and cleanse and protect and heal so well! I have so many favorites, I’ll have to break it down for you by product. The lip balm is scrumptious. If I absolutely had to choose one flavor over another, it would have to be jojoba mint. It has a little tingle to it which makes me feel like there is a healing quality. It’s really the perfect lip balm for harsh winters like we have here in Upstate/Western New York but I’ve even been using it during our humid summer for a little refreshing lip blast. (Is that even a thing?!) If you’re like me and you can’t decide, splurge for a three-pack.


I’ve been a fan of name-brand facial moisturizers my whole adult life so it took me a little convincing to test anything for my face. I’ve recently tried the Thirsty-Face Moisturizing Serum and I must admit it’s quite lovely. The scent alone is beautiful! The result is a smooth, moisturized skin yet oil-free and with a nice, clean feel. I use it when I’m on the go – just a few drops go a long way!

We cannot forget about the Lotion Bars: the reason On Hand Lotions exists! Whether you have your ‘hands on’ the lemongrass, the four thieves, the cocoa, lemon tart or lavender, your body will thank you. The bars melt into your hands leaving them soft and silky. They last forever! We are still using the same bar from the beginning of spring with plenty to spare.



Keep in mind this neat idea for custom wedding or party favors: Organic Lotion Bars in a cute hinged tin with custom labels!

Let’s talk summer must-haves! Firstly, my little gingers cannot spend more than five minutes in the sun without getting scorched. Enter Sun’s Up! Sunscreen. It’s made with zinc oxide which is simply the best sunblock around with an SPF of 35 or more. We like that it doesn’t leave a white cast that other sunscreens may – a smooth application makes for less time prepping to play outside. On Hand has your solution to those buggy nights. Bugscreen Insect Repellent works better to prevent insect bites than any other product I’ve tried. Our “Sweet” family spends countless hours by the lake during the summer, often in the evening when those dang mosquitoes want nothing more than to eat me alive. This spray may take some getting used to scent-wise, according to some of our younger family members, but it is well worth it! (Imagine a freshly-tossed salad thanks to the apple cider vinegar used in the ingredients.) Believe me when I say that even though this is the least pleasant smelling product offered by On Hand, it’s still waaaaaay better than the other toxic bug sprays you’ll find on the market.

On Hand Lotions is owned and operated by a wonderful woman. She puts so much love and passion into her work. Her knowledge of her products is extensive. She even goes to the great lengths of brewing her own vinegar from her own apples for the bugscreen and infusing her own almond oil with calendula blossoms and chamomile flowers to use in the Thirsty-Face. Small business practices such as these won’t be seen by large companies who mass produce skin care products.  Hayna just needs to find a way to bottle her spirit to share with us all. I think that would make the shop complete. 🙂


On Hand Lotions would like to share an opportunity to WIN a basket full of skin care goodies! Just in time to grab onto those last moments of summer, the Summer Adventure Pack will include:

-one (1) 4 oz. bottle Bugscreen Organic Repellent

-one (1) Sun’s Up! Scent-Free Organic Suncreen Stick

-one (1) White Chocolate Organic Lip Balm

-one (1) Lemongrass Organic Lotion Bar, medium size, in tin

(a $49 value)



a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are plenty of new products coming this fall, so be sure to stay on the lookout by following On Hand Lotions on Facebook, on Instagram or on the Etsy shop. If only there were smell-o-vision…

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One will receive one (1) Summer Adventure Pack from On Hand Lotions (a $49 value). Contest begins August 7, 2014 at 12:00am and ends August 14th, 2014 at 12:00am and is open to US residents only. Winner will be announced Friday, August 15th, 2014 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook & Instagram pages. Winning prize will be shipped to any of the 50 US States. Entries will be verified.

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Bakery Charms: Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Bakery Charms: Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

It’s finally time to start introducing you to some of The Whimsical Sweet’s ‘sweet’ sponsors. You’ll be getting a double dose of sugar with our first sponsor: Bakery Charms.


Jenn Lee is the confectioner behind Bakery Charms where she designs realistically cute dessert jewelry in her neck of the woods ocean on the lovely island of Hawaii. (Surely she must get some of her inspiration from the beauty that surrounds her, no?!) There is no end to her collection of sweet adornments. From popsicles to cupcakes, non-pareils to macaroons, Bakery Charms’ polymer clay creations are so realistic you’ll want to try a little nibble. You know me & my attention to detail? Jenn does not disappoint.  In person, the detail is beautiful. Each little piece is so precise and intricate, the pieces she creates are miniature works of wearable art. Initially I thought our daughter would love this jewelry but I quickly came to the realization that everyone should indulge in some tasty jewelry! What fun!!




I just LOVE her motto – “Have your cake and wear it too”. What girl doesn’t want to show her sweet tooth a little love?! Shop online and you’ll find bracelets, necklaces, and earrings among others. Some of my favorites include the pretzels, the macaroons,  the sno-cones and the truffles. Oh, and you can’t forget the nutty buddies!  Any of these handmade creations would make the perfect gift for that sweet lover in your life, or by all means, treat yourself. Zero calories and tons of fun!


Images copyright Bakery Charms

The sweetest news??

Bakery Charms is giving away a NECKLACE OF YOUR CHOICE to one lucky winner!





Good luck, friends! In the meantime, show some love by following Bakery Charms on Instagram or on Facebook.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One will receive one (1) Bakery Charms necklace of your choice (a $15 value). Contest begins July 31, 2014 at 12:00am and ends August 7th, 2014 at 12:00am and is open to US residents only. Winner will be announced Friday, August 8th, 2014 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook & Instagram pages. Winning prize will be shipped to any of the 50 US States. Entries will be verified.

Full disclosure: Bakery Charms provided my daughter and myself with necklaces to review to be able to write this post. The words written in this post are completely my own; simply a collaboration, and I hope you never thought otherwise, even for a second :).



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Posted by on Jul 4, 2014 in Giveaways | 14 comments

Whimsical Re-Launch GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Whimsical Re-Launch GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

We have so much appreciation for all the love – the shares & reviews, comments & likes – on the blog and all other social media since the re-launch! I’d like to say THANK YOU for all of it!


Simply click on link above or photo below to enter to win some lovely, pretty things from some of our lovely, pretty sponsors.

Included in this HOT GIVEAWAY are:

$45 Shop Credit to Lucends

Your choice of Mask & Tail Set from Opposite Of Far ($18 value)

$30 Shop Credit to Mommy & Miles

Your choice of Hand-painted Bangle Bracelet from Christine & Co. Design ($30 value)

‘Fancy’ Mug from Busy B Boutique ($13 value)

Mini Bow Headband Set from Shared Joy ($12 value)

Your choice of Woodland Nursery Decor from Sweet Stella’s ($30 value)

$50 shop credit to sweet whimsy designs

Something for you, something for them! Treat yourselves to a little fabulous!!

And once again, THANK YOU!!


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One will receive prizes listed above. Contest begins July 4, 2014 at 12:00am and ends July 11, 2014 at 12:00am and is open to US residents only. Winner will be announced Friday, July 12th 2014 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook & Instagram pages. Extra entries available via sharing post on sweet whimsy designs’ Instagram handle @sweetwhimsydesigns. Prize will be shipped to any of the 48 contingent U.S. States. Entries will be verified.

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Posted by on Jun 12, 2014 in Freshly Picked, Giveaways, Reviews | 36 comments

Freshly Picked – Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Freshly Picked – Review and GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, you must have heard of Freshly Picked. Most well-known for their moccasins, Freshly Picked started creating tiny baby shoes in 2009. Since then, owner Susan Petersen has been featured on NBC’s hit show Shark Tank and has taken the social media world by storm.

Once I laid eyes on FP’s colorful moccs, I knew our children had to have a pair (or two or three!). The only problem was choosing a color. With so many options, it’s easy to start a mocc wardrobe.

photo (2)

Photo copyright Freshly Picked

If only they came in adult sizes! Lucky for us, Freshly Picked launched a GORGEOUS line of handbags this past month, complete with every scrumptious color to match their sweet little moccs. Who doesn’t want to be matchy-matchy with their littles?!

photo (3)

Photo copyright Freshly Picked.

Our youngest daughter & I picked together & chose the color Golden Rod for her moccs. She loves her tiny shoes! Though she’s only two years old, I’m pretty sure she says the word ‘comfortable’ each & every time she puts on her moccs. They are adorable on or off & are made from the smoothest, freshest leather. They’re so easy to put on (and of course as toddlers will do, take off) – she does it all by herself! Not to mention, every single time she wears them out & about, people ooh & ahh all over the place. Those super yellow moccs are quite the eye catcher!

photo (9) image (4)

Freshly Picked has a size chart right on their website, so if you’re wondering what size to order, they say moccs run true to size. In our experience, they do indeed fit accurately. What’s even better is that they seem to give a little with growth. Always nice to not have to buy shoes every two months! They do go up to a size 10 to adorn your preschooler, too.

image (5)

Susan seems like one of the greatest people to know. Every time I see her posts or catch an interview, she just shines. She’s a great role model for handmade Mompreneurs like myself. Susan really started her business from nothing – & proves one can move mountains!

I’m looking forward to increasing our mocc obsession & hope to have a pair in every color! In the meantime, I’ve got to get my hands on the birch/neon green Carryall – YOWZA!

Thanks, Susan and the inspiring staff at Freshly Picked, for spreading your awesome love around in the form of tiny shoes. I’m sure the handmade community would agree that your mark has been quite tremendous!

Freshy Picked is Giving Away a Pair of Moccs to One Lucky Reader!


Full disclosure: Freshly Picked provided me with a pair of moccs to review to be able to write this post. I have not been compensated in any other way to feature Freshly Picked in this post. The words written in this post are completely my own; simply a collaboration, and I hope you never thought otherwise, even for a second :).

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: One will receive one (1) pair of Freshly Picked moccs (a $60 value). Contest begins June 12, 2014 at 12:00am and ends June 19, 2014 at 12:00am and is open to US residents only. Winner will be announced Thursday, June 19th 2014 via sweet whimsy designs’ Facebook & Instagram pages. Winner can not have won any other giveaway including a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the last sixty (60) days. Prize will be shipped to any of the 48 contingent U.S. States. Entries will be verified.
image (3)
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Posted by on Apr 9, 2014 in By Cee Cee, Giveaways, Reviews | 2 comments

By Cee Cee – Review & GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

By Cee Cee – Review & GIVEAWAY! *CLOSED*

Becoming a part of the handmade community, I have met the neatest people. By Cee Cee founder, owner, and seamstress extraordinaire Candi Carr is one of those people.



Candi is a Rochester, NY children’s clothing designer. This woman knows kid fashion! She has the most adorable collection of dresses, tutus, and accessories for little girls and really fun clothing for boys! I first met Candi through my Moms group. Her first role is Mama to two beautiful children, surely where she draws inspiration for her creations.

Look at this cuteness!

Look at this cuteness!

From princess dress-up to custom birthday crowns, By Cee Cee has you covered (literally). Her clothing is whimsical and fun, and we love whimsical and fun :). I love that Candi is very candid about her work. She blogs right on their page, chit chatting about some of her creations or whatever is on her mind. She even gives us a tour of her studio on her page. I love seeing inside an artisans’ space, don’t you? It’s like a peek inside their mind.

Candi created some spectacular holiday dresses for our girls at Christmastime. I saw one of By Cee Cee’s designs in a similar fabric on display at Fairport Pharmacy & Gift Shop where you can find Candi’s designs among other local artisans’ art and other creations. I asked By Cee Cee if she could whip up something similar for the girls & she went above and beyond by coordinating the dresses but not making identical copies, giving the designs a customized finish. Photographed by the lovely Jessica LK Photography, the result was darling and SO MUCH FUN!

Copyright Jessica LK Photography 2013

Dress: By Cee Cee, Bow: Carter’s Image copyright Jessica LK Photography 2013

Copyright Jessica LK Photography 2013

Dresses: By Cee Cee, Leggings: Target Image copyright Jessica LK Photography 2013

In addition to the Fairport Pharmacy & Gift Shop, you can find By Cee Cee’s designs at the Cheshire Union Gift Shop. As always, you can shop online or visit her Facebook page for the latest whimsy.

Just in time for Easter, or, if not Easter, just in time for Spring (should it ever arrive here in Upstate NY!), By Cee Cee is giving away a gift certificate valued at $25 toward any custom clothing item from her shop to one lucky Whimsical Sweet reader! Choose from endless possibilities to adorn your young lad or lass with something unique and special.




Good luck, faithful readers! 2014 will bring much more fun!!

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Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in EIEIO Photography, EIEIO Photography, Giveaways, Photography, Product Review, Reviews, Stay At Home Mom | 0 comments

EIEIO Photography

EIEIO Photography

Meet Chelse Thompson of EIEIO Photography.

She’s a wife and a mother to two lovely children. She’s eclectic and fun & it shows in her unique work! It’s difficult to choose what I like most about Chelse as she has so many amazing qualities about her photography and her persona. She gets the job done efficiently but makes you feel at home during a shoot. Her creative ideas will surprise you. She is a passionate photographer who will not disappoint. Session after session, whether I know her subjects or not, emotions are touched by the beautiful essence she displays in her photos.

EIEIO Photography often surrounds the subject in nature so the raw beauty is able to shine brightly. Chelse has an eye for surroundings, for lighting and creativity. From brides to babies, she works angles that will transform your moments into outstanding photographs. If you can’t imagine it, Chelse can. Her work is inventive and it’s simply lovely to watch unfold. Chelse’s studio adapts to the needs of the session as well – she’s not afraid to utilize an adorable prop and has the ultimate collection of backdrops to choose from!

Another special attribute about EIEIO Photography is their blog. Chelse and her team like to feature local businesses to give them the spotlight for a bit. It’s nice to have a photographer become an integral part of her community. I was fortunate enough to have Chelse photograph some of sweet whimsy designs’ playable art. Chelse featured a wonderful blog about myself and my growing business. I continue to receive compliments on my business cards and shop listing photos due to EIEIO’s stunning work. She made my peg dolls look like celebrities!


eieio barn eieio rocket

eieio abc

I have fallen in love with her latest venture, A Year In The Life series. Chelse will capture your family in your element, in your home or favorite place, just being you. Life moves so fast sometimes that we fail to realize the every day beauty that takes place. EIEIO will come to you & make that day special by simply photographing your moments, your time together as a family. Have a peek at the love and imagine yourself and your family embracing the day-to-day:

A Day In The Life

Chelse is graciously offering The Whimsical Sweet readers special pricing as well as a FREE 8×10 print with your session!

current special-1

EIEIO Photography is a fabulous choice for family photography. Enjoy your session with Chelse and take pleasure in the every day.

Follow EIEIO Photography on Facebook to view the latest photography.

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