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Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Lifestyle, Stay At Home Mom | 2 comments

The Whimsical Sweet:  Take Two!

The Whimsical Sweet: Take Two!

Today is the big day!


You may notice some big changes around here. With the extraordinary help of Emily Carpenter at WhizBang! Web Solutions, we have ourselves a brand spankin’ new look!

What’s to come? What should we expect?

Do-It-Yourself everythings. Motivational thoughts. Delish recipes. Handmade shop love. Homeschool journaling. Kids, kids, and more kids. Parenting tricks. Partnership tricks. Small business advice. Top Five Favorites such as web sites for kids, couponing sites, clothing stores, iPad apps, even Christmas songs…the list continues. We will have a plethora of features, reviews, & spectacular giveaways from beautiful small businesses and lovely handmade shops.

I’ve been writing here for almost three and a half years. I’ve written over two hundred posts about dozens of different topics including various people, stories from my life, sharing projects, recipes and photos from the world as I know it. Through my eyes. (You can read a little About Me if you’d like.)

There have been many favorites. The thoughts that evolve into dreams that turn into words on a computer screen. I feel so vulnerable in the moments before hitting ‘publish’. You will know more. More about me. More about my life. More about who I am inside.

Some of my favorite posts have already been written. I can recall being Stuck In A Hug as if it were yesterday. There were those moments worth sharing, like The Birth Story Of Marsden Peter & The Birth Story Of Tavia KateI gave you some insight to our homeschooling journey with the series This Is Homeschool. And it was always fun to show a bit of our everyday life while offering suggestions to keep your little ones busy with posts such as Save It For A Rainy Day. When I think about my most fun blogging moments, The Big Carnival Bash immediately comes to mind. It was a day filled with great fun, friends, and family and featuring some pretty superb artisans and local businesses. I am ecstatic about the premier of advertising with this launch – featuring even more shops, artisans, and entrepreneurs while helping to promote small business and support handmade.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. It has been an amazing few years, and you have been there to see me through. Without you, this blog would be nowhere.

YOU are SO important.

If you are new to the blog, welcome. I look forward with much excitement to the adventure that is to come and learning more about you, my readers and fellow people of this great earth. Let’s do this together, virtual hand-in-hand, and see where these windy roads lead. It is for certain this life ahead will be a ride. In the words of a new friend and now-advertiser on the new and improved Whimsical Sweet, “Hold on tight!”.

Thank you , friends, thank you.

A very special thank you to our new ‘sweet’ sponsors:

Bakery Charms


Mommy & Miles

On Hand Lotions

Shared Joy

Sweet Lemonade Designs

WhizBang! Web Solutions


Kate & Linny

Opposite Of Far

Brickyard Buffalo

Busy B Boutique

Marvy Moms

Christine & Co. Design

Sweet Stellas

Tribe Is Alive

A Summer Afternoon

Rochester Brainery

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  1. Everything looks so amazing!! Congrats on the fresh new digs!

    • Thank you Christine!!

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