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Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in Advertising, Stay At Home Mom | 2 comments

What’s Happening Hot Stuff?!

What’s Happening Hot Stuff?!

I’m on cloud nine! I feel so excited for the many going-ons here at The Whimsical Sweet / sweet whimsy designs. There is so much happening, I don’t even think I have the time to tell you!

Firstly, you must read the latest issue of Cupcake Mag! It’s fresh and fun, plus there’s a little something for everyone. There’s some beautiful fashions, great interviews featuring celebrity supermoms Kourtney Kardashian & Jessica Alba (including some great business advice from both ladies), even a fabulous tour of very stylish blogger O My Darling’s home!

Cupcake Mag Summer 2014 Issue

Cupcake Mag Summer 2014 Issue


Most importantly, skim to page 41 & you’ll find some pretty sweet trends for littles. sweet whimsy designs peg dolls are featured & we couldn’t be more ecstatic!! You’ll find our Adventurer Set from the custom collection – a one-of-a-kind collaborative set featuring Tribe Is Alive & Alpine Baby Co.!

photo (4)

The most, most amazing part about it? Kourtney, Jessica, & Cassidy all have their very own sweet whimsy designs peg dolls!! How’s that for coincidence?!
Confused yet?! So much time, so little news…

Scratch that, reverse it.

But wait, there’s more!

Perhaps the biggest news is The Whimsical Sweet will be re-launching an ENTIRELY NEW site on JULY 1, 2014!! Complete with advertisements of handmade and Mompreneur shops, we will be promoting the heck out of our talented friends! You’ll be in for a treat with features from these shops & artisans along with plenty of giveaways. Not only that, the plan is to write, write, write to bring you wonderfully fun DIY projects, delicious new recipes, the latest and greatest from sweet whimsy designs and plenty of unsolicited advice from yours truly among other great stuff. So, hang tight and keep your eyes open for the big launch coming 07/01/14!

To subscribe to The Whimsical Sweet, click on “subscribe” button above, then you won’t miss a beat ;).

Own a business and want in?! A few ad spaces are still available at special launch pricing – contact me at for inquiries & to get started!


  1. Congratulations on the Cupcake Mag feature!! Such a big deal 🙂

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