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Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in Children, Economical Activities, Family, Favorite Things, Fourth Of July, Friends, Healthy Lifestyle, Parenting, Stay At Home Mom, Summer, Weather | 1 comment

Why I Love Summer? Let Me Count The Ways

Why I Love Summer? Let Me Count The Ways

Summer could easily be my favorite season. Though we live in Upstate New York and enjoy the change of seasons each year, nothing quite beats the warm summer breeze, long days, and short nights.

1. The weather
This is a given. Who doesn’t like eighty-to-ninety degree temps and cool, seventy-degree nights? Oh yeah, and a TON of SUN!! Bask in that vitamin D, soak up that sun! It’s so good for us & we need it more than we know.

2. Family at the lake
In our family, we are fortunate enough to have a beautiful, therapeutic lake home on one of the Finger Lakes in New York State. My dear grandfather purchased this cottage decades ago as a place of relaxation and tranquility. It has served it’s purpose and then some, bringing decades of fun and joy to everyone who enters. Clearly an entire blog post can be dedicated to it in itself.

3. Afternoon naps
Sometimes we don’t make it out of the house in the winter months. It just takes too long to bundle three kids in coats and mittens and hats and boots. The summertime brings easy days and playful hours, which, in Mommyland, equals a little R&R for us! They tire themselves out and all that vitamin D? It eats their energy right into a nap! I love my children to pieces, but I look forward with pure enjoyment to the one-to-two hours all three kids nap almost each day.

4. Weddings
Everyone likes to get married during nice weather, and we love to come party at your nice weathered nuptials! This summer alone, we have four weddings to attend. Fun, fun, fun!

5. Playdates
Outings and hikes, picnics and playgrounds, festivals and farms. How much fun can we cram into ninety warm days?! It’s “Go, Go, Go!” at the Sweets in the summer, and we are loving every minute! We’ve seen lots of friends and family, and we just can’t get enough!

I think I’ll stop at five today, but not because I’m at a loss for more great reasons why I love summer. It’s because I have to go! So much to do and see!

What are some of your favorite things to do and see in the summer? Do tell :).


1 Comment

  1. Winter is my favorite season. The things I like about summer: Seeing our chickens outside. Gardening. Going to the beach. Expelling energy outside and the ease of going outside – kickball, biking and hiking with our boys.

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