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Posted by on Feb 2, 2013 in Children, Crafts, Creative, Economical Activities, Family, Friends, Homeschool, Kids Activities, Library, Motherhood, Music, Natural Parenting, Parenting, Party, Save money, Stay At Home Mom, Weather, Winter | 3 comments

Save It For A Rainy Day

Save It For A Rainy Day

Sometimes life brings us rainy days…or snowy ones. We feel the walls caving in on us and we must get out of the house!

Let’s face it – there are also days we never leave the house. And there are days we can’t afford to leave the house, or shouldn’t, anyway.

I have come up with ways I never thought possible to entertain the kids. Especially on rainy and snowy days, we always find things to do.

Here’s a brief list:

•Go to the library.
This isn’t the most imaginative idea in the world. It’s probably close to your home, it’s usually spacious, and it’s FREE. Most children love books, and there are usually other story times and activities scheduled daily to keep your little one entertained.

•Have a dance party in your living room.
Every family must do this, if you haven’t already! Put on your favorite music – it will become theirs, too. Loosen up & get silly! We do the robot, the funky chicken, the shopping cart, among other classics, as well as make up our own – the bear, the giraffe, the roller coaster. Your kids will love you forever.

•Do a new craft.
Something you’ve never done before. Maybe something you are too intimidated to try, or too anal to clean! Sometimes it’s time to break out the paint, play dough, glue, & glitter and not worry about the mess. The mind it creates surpasses the mess it creates, by far. Again, your kids will love you for it! Check whimsicalsweet on Pinterest if you’re really at a loss for ideas.

•Make a fort.
Bust out the blankets and pillows & get creative with this free activity! We often make obstacle courses and mazes out of blankets, pillows, ottomans and sofas, too. Get imaginative & create a scene. You can be in a forest or an aquarium, a zoo or a jungle. Pretend play goes a long way and is good for brain growth and for the soul. 🙂

•Get crazy in the craft store.
As sort of a reward for being nice and patient while we shop for my art & craft supplies, I’ll drop by the foam play things aisle and let the kids play for a while. So far, nothing has broken (*knock on wood*), and their imaginations can run wild in someone else’s space for once! Michael’s, JoAnn’s, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby – they all have an aisle with foam hats, swords, shields, magic wands, crowns, etc. that you can “borrow” and test right there in the store. Just be sure to put everything back where it was and ask your children to do the same. And if anything gets worn or broken, buy it. Both are good lessons for them to learn.

What are some of the things you like to do or used to do with your children on rainy days? What activities are free or easy on the wallet?



  1. We used to love dressing up in the craft store! All your ideas are good. We also do dance party, even still! 🙂

  2. The library is an awesome place! I like to cook/bake with my kids on days that we are stuck inside.

  3. We do the dancing in the living room….always have and still do it now! (of course I was much “cooler” when the kids were little, now they just look at me crazy…but we still do it and still laugh!)

    and FORTS….we were the kings and queens of forts in the field!! happy memories!

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