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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Children, Cooking, Creative, Food, Healthy Lifestyle, Homemade, Kids Activities, Parenting, Picnics, Save money, Stay At Home Mom, Toddlers, What We Ate | 0 comments

What We Ate: Mishmash Kids’ Lunch

What We Ate: Mishmash Kids’ Lunch


You must know me by now. Or at least you know that I like to give our children healthy food options. I hope that they grow to have not-so-picky palettes & they enjoy all foods. It took me around 25 years to get rid of my pickiness.

For lunch yesterday, we had what I would call typical fare around here. A mishmash of sorts. Sharp cheddar cheese, orange pepper slices, guacamole (I used Wholly Guacamole but sometimes we make our own avocado dip), blue chips, kiwi, & pear slices.

People always ask, “Do your kids eat the food you give them?”. To answer that question: Our 2 year-old still won’t eat peppers, but everything else was gone. As for our 4 year-old, she actually ate 2 pepper slices (!) and most everything else. I strongly feel that kids will eat what you give them, if not right away, eventually. Of course they may not like some foods, we all have aversions.

My advice is to keep at it & they will come around. If you always have healthy, whole foods at the ready, that is all they will know. Until they go to Grandmother’s house ;).

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