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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Children, Motherhood, Parenting, Stay At Home Mom, Word Of The Day | 1 comment

Word Of The Day:  July 18, 2012

Word Of The Day: July 18, 2012


A tidbit from our conversation at breakfast this morning:
Tavia: “Mommy, what’s your favorite animal?”

Mommy: “I like tigers. I think they’re amazing. Also monkeys. Oh, and dogs!”

Tavia: “Well you can only pick one. I like deer. Deer are my favorite animal.”

Mommy: “Oh, ok then. I guess monkeys.”

Tavia: “Marsden, what’s your favorite animal?”

Marsden: “OOBOTS!!!!”

Oobots, AKA Robots, are Marsden’s favorite thing in the world right now. He literaly wants to eat, sleep, & breathe robots. They even make it to the favorite animal category, they must be pretty darn awesome! Today’s word of the day month year is…


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  1. Hahahaaha I love that kid!

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