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Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Stay At Home Mom | 1 comment



It’s true, it’s true!  February 3rd marked my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in the blogging world!  Not only that, but this post marks number ONE HUNDRED!  Happy, Happy Day!

Ok, so I missed it by a day.  I fully intended on marking the occasion yesterday by writing my one hundredth blog post.  Shame on me!  The day got away from me, but it’s alright because HERE I AM TODAY!

I would like to celebrate by sharing a few of my most favorite posts over the last year.  There are a lot of them, but these stand out for one reason or another.  I hope you enjoy!

~“Stuck In A Hug”  I just love this one, and you all did too!  It reminds me you can never over-love your children :).

~“Slow Down, You Move Too Fast”  Another reminder that life moves rather quickly, so stop and smell the roses!

~“The Birth Story Of Tavia Kate” & “The Birth Story Of Marsden Peter”  How could these not rank in the top five?!  It does a mind good to re-read the birth stories of my children.  I hope others can benefit from reading them as well.

~“Fab Five Fridays”  I loved the concept of making a top five list of favorite things we love and do!  So, I did it & came up with the clever little title to go along with it ;)!

My favorite favorite, I think, has to be this:

~“Sweet Family:  Party Of Five!”  We excitedly announced via blogpost to our friends & family whom we don’t often see in person that we are expecting our third Sweet this Spring!  Thanks, blog, for the cool idea :).

There are so many that I could re-share with you all.  Take a minute to browse through, they’re kind of fun to read.

I achieved something I never thought about doing.  Writing.  I stuck with a plan, for the most part, and was able to clear my mind in the meantime.  I encourage you to start a blog, if you haven’t already done so.  If you have, write more.  We can inspire and encourage each other along the way.

So much has happened in the last year.  We welcomed new life, said goodbye to some life, enjoyed life and learned a heck of a lot about life in the process.  Every day this journey has me guessing, saying “hmmm” and continuing on.  Thank you for reading and sharing in my life.  There’s oh-so-much more I’d like to share.  I hope you stick around.

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