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Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Autumn, Cooking, Crafts, Family, Favorite Things, Food, Friends, Healthy Lifestyle, Life, Moderation, Photography, Redheads, Stay At Home Mom, Weather | 1 comment

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Fall Edition

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Fall Edition

I love fall.  I don’t like what it signifies – death, change…those kinds of things – but I do love everything that comes with it!

Pumpkins Picking them, carving them, painting them, roasting their seeds, eating them in various ways (pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pancakes with pecans).  Let’s face it, they’re cool!  This year each one of us chose a different colored pumpkin.  Kind of fun, no?!

Color-Changing Leaves It’s neat to drive by the same trees & see how they change each day.  What’s even more fun is when they drop from the trees in quantities enough to jump into!  The kids enjoyed raking them into huge piles with cousins this year.  Their faces were priceless as they dove in with glee!

Tavia - 2 years old

Apples Picking them, carving them (we made stamps), eating them, drinking their cider, baking with them (Apple Crisp is my fave, also applesauce to last the whole year through).  Who doesn’t enjoy a good apple?!!

Fall Crafts We have been artsing & crafting like nuts around these parts!  Cut-out masks, leaf rubbings, apple & leaf stamps, our very own “tree”, lots of printable activities via the internet, the list goes on & on.  We just can’t get enough.

Pecan Pie Incredibly indulgent & full of unhealthy ingredients…need I say more?!

Halloween 2010

Halloween From making costumes to trick-or-treating and all the dance parties in between, Halloween may very well be my favorite Hallmark Holiday.

Autumnal Light  Outdoor photography in the fall is usually some of the most beautiful, assuming you’ve captured it on a day full of sunshine.

Places To Go, People To See I’m pretty sure we’ve visited every farm, corn maze, pumpkin patch & apple grove this side of the Mississippi.  The fun never ends at these places, so look into it next year for your little ones if you haven’t already.  There are usually plenty of free activities & lots to do at little cost…bonus!

Decor  Halloween decorations are fun, but so are the colors of fall around the home.  I like to have certain seasonal decor like a rust-colored table runner, a scarecrow scattered here & there throughout the house or a few sparkly pumpkin placemats for the kids.  It changes things up a bit and makes life fun – always a priority in our lives.

Clothing  I am a redhead, fall looks good on me 🙂

Harvest Moon  Not many things in life are better than a full, round, low-lying, giant fall moon.  You know, the kind of moon that makes you glad your heart is beating.

Thanksgiving At My Parent's House, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner We are *thankful* to celebrate Thanksgiving three times each year.  Though it may be a time-crunching, hectic schedule to attend to, we get to indulge in three meals in return.  Not a bad deal!  The most scrumptious part about it?  Each of our families prepares Thanksgiving dinner in a different way, so we get a smorgasbord of tastings throughout the day.  Some of my personal favorites, besides the obvious turkey, gravy, stuffing & mashed potatoes:  mushroom caps in a wine-cream sauce, chestnut-stuffed artichokes, homemade cranberry jam, sweet yams (prepared in a way only my Grandmother can) and Yorkshire pudding (prepared in a way only my Grandmother-In-Law can!).  Can you say “YUMMMMM”?!  I never have room for dessert 🙂  Even luckier, only two dinners are served on the actual day of Thanksgiving, so the love is spread out (& our waistbands don’t expand too much on the day of)!  That is one day where my “all in moderation” philosophy is WAY out the window!

What are your favorite hints of autumn?  What do you look forward to most each year?  Do tell 🙂

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  1. Wow, the picture of the tree was beyond breathtaking. Spectacular– I agree with every word! 🙂

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