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Posted by on Sep 25, 2011 in Children, Family, Moderation, Motherhood, Natural Childbirth, Passion, Philosophy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Symptoms, Stay At Home Mom, The Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth | 4 comments

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Pregnancy:  14 Weeks & Counting…

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of Pregnancy: 14 Weeks & Counting…

See the smile on my face?  I’m feeling better!!  The first 14 weeks were rough (actually, about the last 8 weeks).  Why is this photo very dark, you ask?  You can’t see the broken blood vessels in my neck & face from hurling my heart out of my chest just a few hours before the shot was taken.  Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy!  Nausea set in very early this pregnancy.  Soon after, the dizziness followed.  I happen to have very low blood pressure (a good thing!) along with low blood sugar which makes me faint from time to time.  Fun, right?  Not at all!  Between the dizziness & the nausea, let’s just say I haven’t gained any weight yet.  In fact, somehow I’ve managed to lose several pounds.  It could be due to the fact that I can’t even cook let alone smell foods that are cooking.  Most foods, anyway.  So much for this high-protein diet.  Everything I strive to attain in a healthy pregnancy is out the window for me until the first trimester is over.  No worries, I know I will be eating healthy, whole foods other than not-so-whole-grain carbs soon enough.  That’s just how my pregnancies are.

An odd symptom I’ve had this time that wasn’t present in my other pregnancies:  itchy scalp.  No dandruff, no flakes, no redness…nothing.  Just a really burning, itchy head.  Weird, I know.  (Perhaps even more weird is that I’m sharing this with the world.)

Some good news…my fatigue is starting to turn into energy!  All these crazy, organized thoughts constantly running through my head are being put to good use.  For eight weeks I sat around a lot, unable to do what I wanted to do.  Now I can actually get things done! Wahoo!!  This means I can begin yoga again, start my exercises to ready my body for birth (we use The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth & highly recommend it to those of you seeking a natural birth) & stay in shape!

One more thing I find fascinating the third time around, my belly popped even sooner this time.  The first time I was showing by 16/18 weeks.  The second time, maybe 13/14 weeks.  This time?  11/12 weeks.  That could mean I’m growing another very large baby, or simply that my body was ready.  Amazing that our bodies remember exactly what to do & expand accordingly.

I try not to complain.  In fact, that may be the end of my moaning & groaning.  Sure, my fingernails may be stronger & my skin better-than-ever, but I’m hugging the porcelain god nearly every morning for 8 weeks as if I were in college, I cry at the drop of a hat, I have to sit down quickly when I start to blackout before I pass out on my children & I look like a piece of work when I’m digging & scratching at my head in public places.  Disgusting.  But, WAIT!  I am doing something that many women would kill to do.  I am creating LIFE!  Therefore, the yuck that comes along with it is for the BEST reason.  Luckily, I know the end result & oh boy, is it ever worth it!!

I’m going to be very detailed in my journaling.  There are times, like today, that you may think, “Uhh, that’s a little TMI!”.  I want to put it out there for other women experiencing the same thing.  The interweb is perfect for searching for pregnancy ailments and woes.  I just want to give women a sounding board so they can justify that there are people experiencing what they’re going through.  Makes us feel that much better to have a posse behind us, doesn’t it?

Those of you having a rough time, it doesn’t last forever.  Statistically, we should be feeling better by the second trimester or about 12-14 weeks.  That is encouraging, no?  Those of you who have perfect, unflawed pregnancies…GO AWAY!  We don’t like you.  We don’t want to hear about your easy pregnanies, labors & deliveries.  You’re not welcome here.  (Mom, that means YOU!)  *joking, only joking.  Read on & dwell in your awesomeness.

I am now into my 2nd trimester & thinking this may be the end of the pregnancy blahs.  I may actually be feeling great from here on out!  The vote is still out.  To be continued…



  1. Haha I love how you explain it all! Glad you’re feeling better!! 🙂

  2. Sharing woes online is waaaaay better than reading every book I could get my hands on when I was pregnant with Amelia! I love the idea of having a posse behind you! 🙂
    It also helped me, when I was feeling down and out, to remind myself of the millions of women who have gone through it before, mostly without the technologies and luxuries we have today. So, they, mostly all unknown to me, were my encouragement. So women, take courage, and know that this is what we are made for! 🙂

  3. Nothing easy about any of my pregnancies and they produced beautiful, amazing, healthy, perfect babies! Looking back, Victoria was my easiest if you call gaining 60 pounds, having ankles the size of elephant ankles, throwing up EVERY single morning for 8 months (and most nights) and 16 hours of natural non-drug induced labor EASY! (but being 20 my body and everything else bounced back quickly!) Jordan was worse- nausea non stop for 5 months and actually carried a trash bag at all times in the car (just in case) and even threw up IN LABOR (don’t eat Burger King anywhere close to your due date!) but he came in only 4 hours of ALL NATURAL labor with contractions 3-4 minutes apart from the time my water broke (during Monday night football!)

    NOW FOR JULIANNA! was NOT having any more kids…. only did the “DEED” ONE TIME in 8 months and THERE SHE WAS!! Went in to schedule having my tubes tied and THERE SHE WAS!! Throwing up was so bad that I lost 35 pounds in 2 months (19 of them in 2 weeks)- in the hospital they could NOT FIND my veins to start an IV to rehydrate me (they called in an anesthesiologist who had to poke 4 times and finally found one he could use!) and there were 3 different trips for this same treatment! My hair fell out by the handfuls, my teeth hurt, my head hurt constantly, I was dizzy and miserable and still going to work at 4 a.m. every day for my 10 hour shifts at Chase bank processing center! (YES 4 a.m.!) She literally took EVERYTHING my body had and used it to turn into an 8 pound 14 ounce BEAUTIFUL baby girl! (who was born with a knot in her cord that the doctor showed me- while telling me that if I had carried her another day or two she would have been still born as the knot would have tightened and cut off her oxygen and nutrient supply!) This perfect baby would have never had a breath if my wonderful doctor hadn’t scheduled my labor on my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary! She was MEANT to be here and he told me that day she is going to really be something special when she grows up! (little did he know- she already was!)

    Whatever we face during pregnancy is NOTHING compared to the unexplainable joy and the instant LOVE we feel the moment we hold the life we created in our arms!

    GOOD LUCK to you with Sweet #3 and I enjoy reading about your journey! XOXOXOXO love you!

  4. That was so well written and of course I resonate with all you wrote! Isn’t it amazing how fast you pop with your third! Awesome!

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