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Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Children, Healthy Lifestyle, Natural Childbirth, Natural Parenting, Passion, Pregnancy, Stay At Home Mom | 4 comments

Why Choose Natural Childbirth?

Why Choose Natural Childbirth?

I chose to have both my children naturally with no interventions.  Why?

While there are many reasons, the ultimate answer is simple. 


It wasn’t for me, it was for them.  For nine plus months a piece, my body was theirs.  I treated it as such by nourishing the temple I call my body.  They needed a sound body and mind to nourish their growing bodies and minds in return.  For nine plus months, I watched & listened to everything around me.  Nothing was going to harm these little embryos.

At the end of each of the gestation periods, they were to be born.  Why would I change anything at this point?  Why would I risk endangering those perfect little people whom I took such careful watch over for so long?  The selflessness was not over.  It is still not over.

When we become Mothers, we sacrifice our needs for those of our children.  They rely on us.  We are their source, albeit food, shelter, love or compassion.

In the span of a lifetime, a few years is so short.  One labor and delivery is even shorter.  It’s temporary.  

The best piece of advice I was ever given regarding childbirth was to educate.

And so I did.

I read and studied and researched and inquired about everything I could during both pregnancies.  I exercised my body and mind in preparation for the hard task that lie ahead.  I attribute my ability to birth naturally to that foundation.  By no means do I consider myself “lucky”.   I worked hard, very hard, for this accomplishment.  In turn, I gave my children the very best start in life and for this, I am ever-so grateful.

Expecting parents, do yourselves this favor:  educate.  Take the time to empower yourselves & prepare for the wonderful experience you deserve and are able to have.  Don’t expect the best, just prepare for anything.

Knowledge IS power.


  1. Love this. I just shared this on my FB page, hope you don’t mind! What would I do without you girls in a world of pitocin and epidurals!

  2. Well said! I do hope women take upon themselves the gravity of the task of childbirth. We should be teaching our little girls that their bodies are made for this (if they so choose), and then proceed to teach them how.
    Let’s take back what has been ours since the beginning of time- the gift of life.

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