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Posted by on May 13, 2011 in Healthy Lifestyle, Mom Conference, Motherhood, Passion, Stay At Home Mom | 5 comments



I’ve been thinking a lot about something lately.  Truth is I think about a lot of somethings all the time.  Too many ideas in this crazy head of mine.  The latest swirl in my turbine is a Mom conference.  There are business conferences all the time, but are there any out there for Moms?  I have yet to do any research, but how neat would this be?  A weekend with other like-minded Moms to discuss and exchange parenting techniques, helpful hints, recipes, the coolest “stuff” in toys, books & supplies, pregnancy and adoption stories, birth stories, toddler stories etcetera etcetera.  There has to be something like this already in existence.  It would be fabulous!  It would be the one time of year where I would actually consider leaving my family for a weekend, to learn more about how to be a better parent.  More specifically, a better Mother.

Nothing beats getting together with people who feel similar to you & make similar parenting choices.  To have that and have the opportunity to hear other ideas & things Moms do to get through their child-rearing days would be just great.  What do you think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Would you attend?  WHO’S IN?

Momference 2009?!


  1. Sounds good to me! Holistic moms group I believe has an annual conference each year. Now the time to go….

  2. I would attend…even as my kids are a little older now, there’s always room to learn and discuss, laugh and cry about parenting!

  3. I think this would be an awesome idea. I think I have seen something similar in my Mothering magazines.
    They were always in far away places and cost too much. They also included your whole family, one option that would make it mor appealing.
    You should give it a try with your play group/Mama friends by bringing in a guest speaker. Or maximize your strengths and each of you pick a topic that you are a “pro” at. Mine would be baby sign and peaceful parenting, at least those are the two things I try to be good at.

    I attended a New Baby Support group during the first year of my 1st son’s life (and once in awhile with #2 & #3 babies), facilitated by a lactation consultant. Twice a month she had a meeting with a different topic relating to parenting and babies.

    I am just starting to meet with a weekly playgroup of moms who call themselves “Natural Waupaca”. It is open to anyone who wants to meet with Attachment Parenting, babywearing, natural Mamas.

    • This is great! I think I’ve seen those ads in Mothering as well. You’re right, too expensive & too distant.

      That is a phenomenal suggestion for the group guest speaker, especially if it’s one of us! Wish you lived closer so you could be included!! We’ve often dreamed about living on a “farm” (similar to that of Ina May in Tennessee, are you familiar?)…where we each have our specialties to contribute to life as an extended “family” of friends. Never thought to simply get together & discuss now! I attribute it solely to “Mom-brain”. (As well as my overuse of quotes in the previous paragraph 😉

      Thanks for your input, as always. And I LOVE that you’re a natural, attachment/babywearing Mama! I’m sure we’d get along just great at those momferences!!

      • I know a little about Ina May. I read many things about her and of her writings before having my first home birth.

        I too believe we would have a great connection if we were ever to meet in person.

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