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Posted by on May 8, 2011 in Family, Motherhood, Working Mom | 10 comments

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Today, I celebrate my third Mother’s Day.  I’m still sort of new to this ;).  I’m no Supermom, but I’d like to be.

Luckily, I have a phenomenal model for this role.  I was given everything I needed to become one of the great ones. (Ok, except for maybe laundry and dishwashing skills…my mother spoiled us beyond belief!)  My mother is a shining example of how to be a parent and a friend all at the same time.  She took extremely good care of us while working a full-time job, but made it seem like she wasn’t ever really working.  How did she do that?!  How did she get up each morning & put a decent breakfast on the table, pack our lunches for school, work a full day, finish 6 loads of laundry, take my siblings to swim meets, shop for groceries, come home to make a fresh, healthy meal for dinner, run me to dance lessons, clean the kitchen, help with homework, walk the dog…you get the idea!  All this with enough love to give a family of 6 and then some, with never a complaint in sight.  These days she can be seen spending her days with her grandchildren, giving them just as much love as she did us.  She is the epitome of maternal instincts.  Somehow she manages to know exactly what to do in any situation without giving a second thought.  For those of you that don’t know her, she has hands that are purely magic.  They fix whatever she touches, like healing divination.  Ever-so-humble, she doesn’t even realize.   

Supermom indeed.

My hope today is that I can be just 50% of what she is.  If I can achieve that, I will be a great mother.  Thank you, Mom, for showing us what a Mother should be.  You are and will always be simply the best!


  1. That is so damn adorable. Happy Mother’s Day, Lele! ♥

  2. Happy Mothers Day Lele

    Very nicely written and I’m sure you will do a good job following in your mother’s footsteps.

  3. Thank you dear daughter; my heart is swelled and my eyes are teary (your father is wiping them now!) and you say it all so beautifully. A mother’s job is never done and I am so happy to have a wonderful family to share all the love that keeps growing and growing. You are a most impressive example of a young mother and I know you will continue to be throughout your life. Your children are testament to that! xooxoxooooxo always……MOMMY!

  4. Yep, I have to agree…your mom (and my wonderful aunt) is an amazing lady! A heart FULL of love and the best hugs in the entire world….when she wraps her arms around you, for that one moment, all the worries in the world go away!!
    AND….you are doing a great job yourself! Beautiful kids and a beautiful family and being a mom is learning something new every day! Kids teach us so much. There are no rules, and there is no handbook….. but love, patience and understanding make it all seem to work out pretty darn good!

    Love you ladies and Happy Mother’s Day!

  5. Ok, I’m a little behind, but the weekend was too busy for me to be online! But yes, mom is the best one I know, and we are lucky to have her example!
    Enjoyed being with all of you on Sunday!!! 🙂

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