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Posted by on May 6, 2011 in Apps, Children, Internet for Kids, iPad/iPhone, Kids Activities, Stay At Home Mom, Webs | 0 comments

Fab Five Fridays:  Kid-Friendly iPad/iPhone Apps

Fab Five Fridays: Kid-Friendly iPad/iPhone Apps

Happy Fab Five Friday!  Today I’d like to touch on some great apps offered for your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.  In our household, we have both an iPad & iPod Touch.  My awesome husband actually scored an iPad from a competition he won at work as well as the iPod Touch as a work bonus one year.  What a great educational tool it is!  We usually keep an eye out for free apps but occasionally splurge and make a purchase.  Here is our current top five:

1.  Monkey Preschool Lunchbox 

A two year-old fave.  Monkey Preschool Lunchbox has decent graphics that are fun and colorful.  Concepts covered include the alphabet, counting, opposites, colors, matching, even puzzles!  They are always updating and adding more learning excitement.  Cool bonus:  kids get to pick a virtual sticker every few rounds which gives them a nice pat on the back if they’re playing independently.  Admittedly at our house, we like monkeys so this purchase was a no-brainer.

2.  I Hear Ewe 

Here we have a nice app for younger toddlers getting started on the iPad.  It’s amusing to teach sounds to kids.  They vary from animals to vehicles.  Perhaps you can’t tell, but even though my children adore this one, I think it’s a little overplayed, therefore I may be a little bored annoyed with it?  That’s a good thing, though, isn’t it?!

3.  Super Why! 

We LOVE this show and LOVE this app!  It seems to cover a wide range of ages because there are four different game varieties.  We think it’s the best app for learning to read.  Our daughter is definitely picking up reading skills from our old pal Super Why.  You may learn to love him if you don’t already, he’s a pretty neat character.

4.  Wheels On The Bus

I originally purchased this app for a Music Party (class) that I host once a week with a group of Mom- & Kid-friends.  My kids love it so much they hum the song in their sleep!  This is another great intro-to-Apple-world app.  You slide, poke and tap your way through the popular kid song “The Wheels On The Bus” (duh!).  More great graphics, and there’s a choice of instrument or voice…kids can even record their own!  Creators Duck Duck Moose Design  really did a great job with this app.  They have a lot of others we want to get our hands on but are waiting patiently :).

5.  Garbage Truck 

We may be a little partial (app was created by my cousin’s hubby), but we think this app is great fun!  The designer (Good Glue) has a garbage truck-loving toddler of his own.  He took his graphic art to a kid-friendly level and we think it’s awesome!  Empty garbage cans while you beep horns, jump skateboarders & ring sirens of passer-bys.  Some simple learning for your simple toddler.  And what kid doesn’t love trucks?!

So what do you think?  You must have some faves, too!  Please share ~ we love new, fun & different apps!!

…To Be Continued…

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