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Posted by on Apr 3, 2011 in Children, Family, Life, Moderation, Passion, Stay At Home Mom | 4 comments

Modern Family

Modern Family

Here is a question that a lot of people seem to be overlooking these days:  What is family?

Everyone is so busy with their individual lives that the family unit has essentially become extinct.  Parents work while kids are in school or daycare most of the day then off to various activities after school.  On weekends, many parents go on date nights & socialize with friends for time away.  The week goes by without much family time, time together as one unit.  Have we ever thought how much time is really spent with our families as a whole? 

We have a different attitude than most.  We don’t require a lot of time away from our kids.  In fact, we prefer that we are together the majority of the time.  Don’t get me wrong, we do venture out sans kids once in a while.  Usually we end up talking about them the whole time.  They’re still young, too.  I think when they get a little older, things may change a bit & we may find ourselves desiring time away.  Or maybe not.  All I know is that we tend to spend more time together than we do apart.  The four of us act as one.  We are family.

October 2010

Family is important.  Think of the people you know in life who are happy, content souls.  Usually they come from a strong family unit, otherwise have often climbed their way to happiness with quite a bit of struggle and strife.  Family is the core, the root to possibility and hope.  Family encourages dreams.

Take a step back.  Let’s look at our time.  It’s easy to forget when our busy lives take over our routine & things may not be the way we intended.  Are you spending sufficient time with family in the way you want?


  1. Extremely well-said. I agree 100%.
    you’re making me miss all of our wonderful out-of-state cousins even more!!!! 🙂 I love my family!

  2. I was thinking the same thing Amelia! We are so so lucky to live so far away yet know each other so well and truly be a part of each other’s lives. Family should be the ONE thing in life you can count on and I treasure mine so much!

    And, I agree with Lele, life gets SO busy sometimes we forget to slow down and treasure what we have. I have made it a point for at least the last year to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak and create memories for my kids to cherish!!

    love y’all and see you soon!

  3. I agree with you 100%. We spend a lot of time together with our kids. We do almost everything with them! When we are working on a project they are right there helping us make firewood, build a fence, bake/cook, and doing work in the garden. I am fortunate to have two sewing machines so my boys can sew when I am sewing. We also do other “fun” activities that aren’t “work” where we are together. Making firewood is one of our favorite family activities in the spring and fall.

  4. Let’s see if you can do that when they are school age, and have as many activities as you did when you were a kid! hahahahahahahahaa…I kid, but yes, you are right! 🙂

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