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Posted by on Mar 29, 2011 in Arts, Children, Family, Moderation, Natural Parenting, Passion, Stay At Home Mom, Working Mom | 8 comments

Work Day

Work Day

Today is a day that I teach for a few hours.  I give private piano lessons in people’s homes.  So, I leave my children with a loved one (my mother is sick today but my sister will step in).  Thank goodness for family!!

Do I want to teach?  The answer to that question is multi-faceted.  I love my students but, and sorry students, I love my family more.  Sadly I have to prioritize and make the decision that is best.  I try not to make it about money, although if it’s necessary then I do what needs to be done.  I’m fortunate that I’ve found a career I am passionate about, making it enjoyable to “work”.  I’ve chosen to hold onto a few students and teach for half a day each week.  Luckily I have wonderful family members who are able to watch my kids and my husband is with them for the remainder of the time.  I’m not one of those people who needs time to myself or looks forward to leaving my kids.  I just love being together as a family.

 I always wonder what full-time working Moms & Dads do.  How do you juggle both?

Here’s the question of the century:  Can you be a full-time Mom or Dad while holding a full-time job?  I’ll let you answer that question…


  1. To answer your question, yes I believe you can. As you put it, you do what you have to do and I have always done exactly that, and unfortunately that means working 2 jobs most of the time my kids have been growing up. However, I too have family members (mom) who have stepped in while I was earning money to support my family. I have been lucky with caregivers who have helped nuture my children and I think they have grown into wonderful pre-teens (if there is such a thing considering the constant mood swings! 🙂 ) Anyway, I would have LOVED to have been given the opportunity to spend more time with them when they were very young and I am glad you have the chance to do so. You never want to miss a milestone or even a smile for that matter.
    But, I have worked a full and part time job and still been the one to get them ready for school, feed them breakfast, iron their clothes, check their homework, get them to practices, attended EVERY game and every school program, stayed up all night with them while they were sick, watched them win awards, snuggled up with them on the couch for movie night, and held MANY a slumber party in my room!! (and that doesn’t include all the time you spend worrying about them and the choices they make as they grow older!) I guess my real answer is, make the most of the time you do have and don’t take a minute for granted!
    You have a real gift for music and a real connection with children so I am glad you are still touching the lives of a few that will benfit so much from what they learn from you as a teacher and a person!! LOVE YOU!

    • First of all, thank you for the wonderful comments. Made my day! You should be so incredibly proud of yourself for being able to juggle it all for the number of years you’ve been a Mommy. Well said, thank you for your contributing words. Your tenacity has gotten you through all those times, and God bless you for making it to every game, booboo, tuck-in and snuggle. Only you could make it happen!! Love you for that. Where we would all be if money didn’t make the world go ’round…

  2. Good for you Leandra! I have to admit, I need time to myself and very much enjoy time away from my kids and husband for that matter. Because I am home full-time with my kids I feel no guilt about taking time for myself whatsoever, not saying that working families should feel guilt or anybody should for that matter, I think everyone should make time for themselves every now and again.

    I think “me” time makes me, personally a much better mother and wife! I am glad I know this about myself and don’t beat myself up about needing time away or just time alone in my room with a good book or good movie.

    I don’t know if you can “have it all” so to speak and frankly I don’t ever want to try. My priority is the same as yours, my family and I cannot imagine having to work full-time and parent-full time every day. I know lots of families have to and they do it and do it well. I don’t think this is something I would do well and luckily I don’t have to make that choice. When Bryn was little I did have to work full-time because I was a single mom. I hated it and always felt I was shorting someone, mostly my daughter. Again, my personality is not one that can do both full-time.

    In the end it is all about personal temperaments, monetary responsibilities that cannot be avoided and hopefully for most, choice! I think most parents do what is best for their families and themselves, and in the end you have to do what feels right and best for your personal lifestyle.

    • Very nice, Kel. It’s admirable that you’re so aware of your situation & you know what everyone (including yourself) needs to make it through each day. You are so aware of your family needs! I think you said it best when it’s “in the end you have to do what feels right and is best for your personal lifestyle”. Everyone is different & we all have different needs & wants…what really matters most is the love we all undeniably have for our families!

  3. I have been wondering if you were able to teach piano because of a comment you made about playing. I think that is wonderful!
    This is a great discussion. I was just thinking about this last night and wondering how my full-time working/full-time mom friend manages to get dinner made, homework done, books read, clean up and the betime routine in all by a reasonable hour. I agree with Christina 100% we have to appreciate every minute, they grow up way too fast!
    I am thankful I can stay home with my kids. I only have a sister-in-law who lives close to us and we rarely utilize her for caregiving. When we talk about it I usually say, “let’s just bring the kids or let’s not go or can’t she just come over to visit all of us?”
    I do enjoy my alone time and I feel as though I need it in order to stay a balanced person and a good Mama. I agree with Kelly, also. I get crabby and lose my patience easily when I don’t get alone time. My alone time mostly happens during naps or after the boys are in bed. I read books, sew, email, read/write blogs and sometimes I use that time to clean. I attend my book club meeting every 4-6 wks and a bible study once a month. I never left my babies until they were 12+months. These meetings with my other mom friends refresh me so much!
    Thank you for this topic!

    • Absolutely, Jenny! I just wrote yet another blog similar to this topic today…”Modern Family”. It’s wonderful that you never left your babies until they were over 12 months. Superb! Wish more parents had that mindset. It’s nice to see you do! Once again, thank you for sharing your insight.

  4. Seems like something we all struggle with as moms – and everyone comes up with their own answer. I think you need to find what works best for you and for your family and then make the best of whatever that situation is. (Not that any of that is necessarily easy!) I just wrote a similar post on my blog based on an article by a woman who came from a different place from you – she was happiest working and that was best for her whole family. Check it out if you are interested and happy to hear your thoughts…

    • I agree, suddenlysuburban. I had a chance to take a look at your site, I love it & have signed up for your subscription. Thanks for finding me! Look forward to reading more…

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