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Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in Children, Family, Internet for Kids, Stay At Home Mom | 4 comments

Fab Five Fridays: Toddler Webs, Round One

Fab Five Fridays: Toddler Webs, Round One

Each Friday from now on I will be providing you with a top 5 list of great things. It will vary from things for babies and family to things for ladies and gents!

One thing you should know about me: I love to make lists. Since I could write, I’ve been listing. I was once known as “The Paper Waster” because of the amount I used making my lists. Something else you should understand: I will always use a Fab 5 list because 5 is a good number. Enough said.

Today: The Interweb. More specifically, educational sites for toddlers. Even more specific, educational sites that our toddler Tavia loves most.

Here is today’s Fab 5:

1., also

No matter how hard we try, this site takes top bid. Sesame Street is 50% of her entertainment life, and that’s after some effort to get that number down by introducing other characters from other books, shows and internet. She absolutely LOVES PBS Kids!!


Best site for younger toddlers, this is where my daughter learned to use a mouse at the tender age of 1! Unfortunately for us (fortunately for them), they now charge for a subscription ($19.95 for a year, not bad). There are still a few fun pages for free though! There’s also a free trial.


Another paid subscription site, but there is a great 30-day free trial. Definitely the best teaching site I’ve found so far. There is an English version as well as a US version.


An obvious favorite. It looks like this site will be good for any age, there is a nice variety of activities and games. While you’re here, be sure to take a look at Seussville University.


A bit zany, this site is a whole lot of fun! Our faves? Boowa & Kwala. They’re strange as can be but they have some brainy games.

We always sit with our daughter when she is on the computer. She can’t read yet so she needs our help following directions (which she also learns through these programs). Don’t expect them to sit long, they are only toddlers after all! Sometimes we let her navigate through the sites on her own. We feel fortunate to be raising our children in such a tech world. It’s really amazing!

Looking forward to sharing more great sites with you on future Fridays!


  1. Even though my kids are now adults, I still enjoy reading your posts.

    Right now, the House of Representatives is looking at ways to balance the budget. Unfortunately, they are looking at cutting out programs. One of the many programs they are looking to cut funding to is the National Broadcast System including Sesame Street. I remember watching Sesame Street as a child and my children watching it. It is a great learning tool. Let’s hope this funding cut does not happen.

    • Thanks, Moe! Thanks for sharing the info as well. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, too many people would miss it!

  2. Love it! What a great blog!

    My goodness there are some clever bloggers out there.
    I can’t see where to follow your blog. Is there a way? Or no?

    • Thank you! I agree, good bloggers. You can subscribe at the right. Still working on a follow system, so new at this! Thanks for reading!

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