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Posted by on Feb 24, 2011 in Healthy Lifestyle, Life, Moderation, Natural Parenting, Stay At Home Mom | 0 comments

A Healthier Way Of Life

A Healthier Way Of Life

Since I grew up with a very picky palette, I knew there had to be a change when I entered adulthood. I had a very active youth, but my spare time was spent eating sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Although my mother always had a fresh, whole-food meal on the table each day, I chose to eat junk food most of the time. I suppose I was a bit of an addict and thought I needed it to keep me going, going, going.

The active life started to get less and less active as I got older. No more tennis, dance, running for fun. I lead a fairly sedimentary 20’s. My major activity was staying up late, standing at bars and parties. OK, this wasn’t every single day, but it certainly wasn’t in moderation. Before I had children, I was a smoker. A pack a day at it‘s peak. I drank alcohol pretty regularly, too. This signified something else must have been wrong. What was I seeking?

Poor diet, smoker, drinker, lack of exercise…this wasn’t looking good. I was only in my 20s and I lived like an animal. Obviously I had to make a change. I give my first born all of the credit. When I found out I was pregnant, I quit smoking immediately (luckily it was very early in the pregnancy). I didn’t drink an ounce with either pregnancy, not even a sip. In between babies, I was nursing full-time so there wasn’t much alcohol involved besides the occasional glass of wine or beer. I started exercising as much as possible. Yoga, pilates and a LOT of walking. Now I have made room for regular gym visits. I chose chiropractic care and acupuncture and continue to do so when possible.

My diet drastically changed when I learned about what is healthiest for baby. Then, once she was outside and started eating solids, we started making food for our little new palette. I wanted her to have the freshest, most organic food I could get my hands on. She was so pure and natural, her food should be too. My husband and I started eating better as well. We began shopping at markets, buying fresh, local produce. We love knowing where our food comes from!

Now, my body IS my temple. It has grown two beautiful children! I know taking care of myself aided in giving birth to both of those babies naturally. Lifestyle choices play such a large part in the birth process. My goal with our next baby (hopefully not too soon) is to have a body that is in shape to give birth the way nature intended. I don’t need to be a size 2 or fit into my “skinny jeans” again. I just want to be in shape and healthy. That could mean a size 10 or, *gasp* 12. To me, that’s perfect. As long as I’m comfortable and my body is healthy.

More importantly, however, is the mind. Mind over matter, I know I will defeat the unhealthy way of life my body was used to. I strive now for positivity to aid in my health. That is all one needs to succeed and be happy. A healthy mind equals a healthy life, guaranteed.

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