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Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in Children, Family, Healthy Lifestyle, Natural Childbirth, Philosophy, Pregnancy, Stay At Home Mom, The Bradley Method Of Natural Childbirth | 8 comments

Going Au Natural

Going Au Natural

When I got pregnant with my first, we decided to take natural childbirth courses. “The Bradley Method of Childbirth”. This was funny. It was funny because up until this very point when I heard of other women giving birth naturally, I would wince and say “HA! I’m soooo getting an epidural!”. Everything changed when I felt that baby move. Once I knew there was life growing inside me, I wanted the finest, best, most wonderful care I could give her. That meant a natural childbirth, among other things. We attended class once a week for ten weeks, each class was 3 hours I think. Mental preparation it was indeed. Not only were we focused on pregnancy and birth for those several hours each week, we were also focused on each other. This carried throughout the week as well. Before we knew it, the pregnancy and childbirth had consumed our lives, in a good way.

I couldn’t learn enough. I read every book on the shelf. I started to wean out the “bad” books and only read the good ones. I learned that not only would having a birth without intervention be a physically healthier option for both Mom & Baby, it would also encourage healthy relationships. It would promote bonding and increase the likelihood of breastfeeding along with many other fantastic outcomes. Natural childbirth became my ultimate goal. We wanted to give our child the greatest start possible. I had taken good care of my body & the baby inside up until this point, why risk anything by changing? We knew this was the best choice for us and our new baby.

I exercised my mind and my body. I did kegels, pelvic tilts and yoga almost daily. I ate healthier. I meditated all the time. I was training for a marathon. My body was ready and my mind was sound.

In labor with our son

Our daughter moments after birth, looking toward my voice.

By the time labor began, I wasn’t going to take any alternatives. There was no other option besides having a drug-free, intervention-less vaginal birth. In the back of my head, there was always room for the exception in case of extreme emergency, but I was in positive thinking mode & there was no turning back. I delivered my first baby after about 24 hours of labor. Au natural.

Our second child, moments after birth.

The second time was even easier because I had so much knowledge under my belt. For the 41 weeks I carried my son I read even more, studied even more, did even more research. Ina May Gaskin became my “BFF”, she’s written some of the most powerful books in the birthing world. (If you are still in child-bearing years & haven’t heard of Ina May, please seek her knowledge.) I engulfed myself in everything pregnancy & childbirth related. I surrounded myself with an unbreakable support system of wonderful family and friends who would help me thrive. I delivered my second baby after about 14 hours of labor. Au natural.

They were both incredibly alert, incredibly healthy, happy babies. We were incredibly happy parents. I felt such a natural high both times, like I was on top of the world. My recovery time was short. Though we had bonded before birth, the bond grew much stronger. It all felt so right.

The First Sweet Family Photo

It takes a lot of preparation. Having a natural childbirth IS like training for a marathon. What better gift to give your child than a beautiful, healthy start to life?!  Women need to realize it’s okay to trust our bodies.  This is what they are intended to do.  Embrace that wonderful bestowal and let it come into existence.  Naturally.

Our son

My sister would quote the famous Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” I have met so many soon-to-be Moms who say “I’m going to try for a natural birth.” Everyone with a slight understanding knows how that will end up. I feel so worried for these women because I remember being in that position. However, it’s such a sensitive topic for some reason. I don’t understand this. Sure, it’s a personal decision, but why not educate yourselves so you know all your options going into it? The result is worth taking the time to research as well as the time to labor and deliver. Without preparation, the result could be devistating, and often times is.  It’s only temporary. This too will pass.

Another quote that ran through my head during those trying labors, mind over matter:  “Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard.”*

Finally, this was my mantra toward the end of my second pregnancy, a daily affirmation:

“My body has everything my baby needs.
My body knows how to give birth.
My baby knows when to be born.”**


You can look forward to the Pregnancy & Childbirth Resources coming soon.

*from The Scientist by Coldplay




  1. I am with you 100% after all 3 children born au natural. It is the most excruciating pain you can imagine in the most wonderful way possible. You actually FEEL every bit of the miracle of birth. On my third and BIGGEST baby I knew way better than the nurse that Iwas about 15 minutes away from having my daughter as she barely had the doctor running in to the room to literally catch her while I was pushing! My babies were alert, beautiful, healthy, and and I felt like I just accomplished a feat greater than words can describe. “I am woman hear me roar!” and I looked down at the beautiful lives I literally brought into this world and knew choosing the natural route was the best decision I ever made. My body healed very quickly and my mind remembers every detail of each birth. Thank you for writing this and bringing back so many beautiful thoughts for me!

    • Beautiful! Thank YOU for sharing some of your moments! Another inspiration. You are all WOMAN!

  2. Another well put blog! And for anyone who doubts these, she’s right on! I’ve never seen anyone make a 180 degree turn as wholly and quickly as Lele! When it came to taking care of herself, and doing what it takes for her babies, she did it!
    I was honored to be a part of watching both her births. After having three of my own, only the first with an epidural, I was curious to see what it would be like “on the other side”.
    I heard things like, “oh it’s different when you’re the one watching.” “It’s much more traumatic to watch!” I wasn’t sure about those comments, as I was pretty sure it was traumatic to give birth!
    Like I said, it was an honor…both times. To watch a woman bring another life into the world is an incredible time! I was almost as elated as Leandra and her husband! I was honored to be one of the first faces and voices their babies saw and heard. It was truly beautiful (with some traumatic moments, of course).
    So, thanks sis, for going au natural, and allowing me to share it!

    • No, thank you!! You were most of my inspiration, but you already know that 🙂 Thank you for sharing in our births. We hope you will again should we have more wonderful births in the years ahead 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!

  3. The pictures made me cry a little!!! :*)
    Thank you for another inspiring blog post, Lele! And I’m sure it was a workout! I think it proves how strong women are. Also, I KNEW that line was from some song and when I saw it was Coldplay I was all “Ohmygosh YES! I KNEW IT!”
    And, brilliant use of quotations and mindful thoughts on mindful matters. 🙂 <3

    • You are just too, too kind 🙂 Thanks for continuing to read! I love you!!

  4. Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have really
    enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all
    I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!


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