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Posted by on Feb 12, 2011 in Children's Literature, Life, Philosophy | 1 comment

The Not-So-Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

The Not-So-Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

What was so wonderful about the Wizard of Oz? The Land of Oz itself was a pretty scary place. Little “munchkins” dressed very strangely, nasty witches, a scarecrow, a tinman & a lion who can speak. Meanwhile, the good witch endows Dorothy with ruby slippers that are evil so the wickedest witch can torment her in the hours she spends in Oz. All this just to find out she could have avoided the whole saga & gone home since the beginning. How is that wonderful?

How about Snow White? She has to run away from her evil stepmother to avoid her death. Charlie Bucket from the Chocolate Factory? He lives with his old relatives sleeping in one smelly bed together & has to work at age 12 just so he can eat. Cinderella. The Lion King. The Little Mermaid. The list goes on & on. What is with these stories? Isn’t there a completely satisfying children’s story out there that doesn’t contain a struggle to get to the fairytale ending?

On the other hand, maybe these fairy tales resemble real life. Everyone lives through the twists and turns, as in a tornado, in reality. There is always something that gets in your way, like the Wicked Witch of the West, and prevents you from going where you need to be. Similar to The Wizard of Oz, we all have to follow a road to get to our destination. Life isn’t perfect, there are always challenges.

We can only hope that the twists and turns aren’t too curvaceous, that the barriers aren’t too heavy, nor the road too long. Somehow we will all live happily ever after.

1 Comment

  1. Firstly may I say…I can hardly read your posts because I am too busy looking at your completely gorgeous photos!!! I mean, really, will you get them published, or print a calendar and sell it somewhere, or something?!?!?

    Secondly, most fairy tales started as stories of warnings and teachings to children. It was their schooling really…how to survive life. They weren’t meant to be pleasant, as life back then wasn’t much pleasant. They were teaching tools.
    We’ve adapted them over the centuries, and now they’re all Disney-fied, and we wonder why they’re still horrific. They are still teaching tools. Life can be beautiful, and royal and splendid and rich. It can also be scary, and horrifying and full of loss and sorrow. It’s how we put them all together, and deal with them that makes us who we are. It’s the journey that matters, not the end of the yellow brick road.
    (crap, I did it again, didn’t I?) 🙂

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